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This is the information you need to establish the number of sides, the type of bay and general DIY tips on how to measure your bay window. Our example shows a 3 sided (splayed) bay window. We have an extensive range bay window curtain poles for sale online here

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Measuring Instructions for Bay WindowsBack to top

If your bay window is of an unusual type, we do recommend contacting us for advice. However these instructions for a 3 sided bay may be used when measuring more complicated bays that are square, rectangular or splayed. 


How to work out the amount of sides in your bay window (angled bay windows).

A side in a bay window is any flat section. Count each flat section in the bay window, which gives you the number of sides, and indicates which sections can be covered. In the diagram below you can clearly see the three wall sections which are counted as sides. If your bay is curved, without straight sections, again please call us for advice.

How to measure a 3 sided bay window


Your bay may have small sections of wall on each side.The diagram below shows the exact location of these pieces of wall, which are highlighted in red. These may need to be included in your measurements.


bay window guides for measuring a 3 sided bay window


Factors that determine if you should include these sections of wall in your measurements:
  • Section of wall longer than 25cm (10") - include these when counting the number of sides. Do not include if 25cm or shorter. The diagram below shows how a 3 sided bay pole works with the extra wall. The four points below should be considered in case they affect your decision. 3 sided bay window measuring guides
  • Can the curtains be contained within the bay without obstructing the side windows?
  • Do you require your curtains to finish right at the end of the bay?
  • If the bay has a deep window sill e.g. 20cm (8") or above and your curtains are full length, then include these wall sections when counting the amount of bay sides.
  • If you have curtains that finish above the window sill don’t include these sections of wall in your measurements.

You should now be able to determine which is your bay window style; 2 sided, 3 sided, 4 sided, 5 sided, 6 sided etc.


How to Measure the Length Inside the Bay WindowBack to top

Measure around the inside of your bay where you wish your curtains to cover, this will then allow you to choose the correct length.


Handy Hints

You may find it easier if another person assists you when measuring your bay window.

Measuring for Bay Curtain Poles

Start at one end of the bay and measure the wall where the pole is to be fitted (excluding finials). Measure across this section of wall to where it meets at the angle of the next section of wall. Write down the measurement and then measure across to the next section of wall, continuing around the bay to where the pole is to finish. Add these up to give the total length of your bay. You will now be able to start shopping for Pre-packed Bay Poles, Create Your Own Bay Poles or a Made to Measure Bay Pole.

Measuring for Bay Curtain Tracks

Start at one end of the bay window where the curtain track is to start. Measure across this section of wall to where it meets at the angle of the next section of wall. Write down the measurement and then measure across to the next section of wall, continuing around the bay to where the track is to finish. Add these measurements up to give you your total required track length.

Now that you have your bay measurements and number of sides you can decide if you want a curtain pole or track, then go to the relevant section of the site and start shopping.


Select the product type and “click” on the corresponding number of bay sides to view the available products:

Bay Curtain Tracks

2 Sided curtain tracks (“L” shaped)
3 Sided curtain tracks (2 angles)
4 Sided curtain tracks (3 angles)
5 Sided curtain tracks (4 angles)
6 Sided curtain tracks (5 angles)
Curved bay curtain tracks

Bay Curtain Poles

2 Sided curtain poles (“L” shaped)
3 Sided curtain poles (2 angles)
5 Sided curtain poles (4 angles)


Handy Hints : Measuring and Fitting Bay Window Tracks and Poles Back to top

Do I measure in Centimetres or Inches?

All our products are shown in centimetres and inches so it does not matter whichever you choose.

Can I measure my bay at window sill level?

We do not advise measuring down by the window sill as the area above can vary quite a lot. It is always best to measure your bay window at the location where the product is to be fitted. This is particularly crucial when measuring for Made to Measure Bay Poles and Tracks.

Assistance is recommended when taking measurements

An extra pair of hands makes measuring a large bay window easier and more accurate.

Can I fit eyelet curtains on a bay window pole?

Eyelet curtains will not work in a bay window unless they are used as individual curtains on separate sections of pole.


Types of Bay Poles and TracksBack to top

Bay Curtain Poles

We have a full range of bay window curtain poles, so we can cater for virtually any bay window configuration and size.

There are currently two different types of bay curtain poles which will allow your curtains to function correctly.

Pre-packed Bay Curtain Poles

Create your Own Bay Pole

Pre-packed Poles

These types of curtain poles are supplied complete with all “C” rings, brackets, pole pieces, flexible elbow joiners, fixing and finials. Please order the next nearest size up to your bay window length measurement to ensure it will fit your window.

Create your Own Bay Pole

If a pre-packed pole is not suitable for your bay window, then our “create your own curtain pole” range is for you. Specifically designed for bay windows and straight run windows, in this range you will find individual component parts which are pieced together making up your required bay pole configuration. To help you make your bay pole we have detailed information within every “Create your Own Pole “ range indicating the parts you will need. Straight poles can also be created from these ranges so other windows within the same room will match the bay.

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