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Speedy Nikola 28mm 5 Sided Bay Window Curtain Pole (Wall Fix)

 Polished Graphite 


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Bay windows with five sides are a beautiful feature in any room in the house. The multiple panes of glass allow natural light to flood into your room during the day whilst adding charm to the shape of your house from the outside and extra floor space for your room inside.

Although blinds are very popular, the most traditional way of dressing a five sided bay, is to hang a pair of curtains, or multiple pairs of curtains.

Our Poles for Five Sided Bay Windows

As well as providing systems for wall fixing, we also offer a range which can fixed to the ceiling to help overcome window obstacles such as protruding window furniture and handles. Our kits also include passing brackets and passing rings which enable you to hang 1 pair of curtains drawing from the sides to the centre of your bay completely unhindered.

To help you find the ideal 5 sided bay window curtain pole you can filter through our collection by pole diameter, wall or ceiling fixing, recommended curtain weights, our brands and a large selection of beautiful colours to suit all types of rooms and interior design schemes.

Which Types of Curtains Are Suitable for Bays Windows?

In order for the curtain rods to function as intended, ie drawing a pair of curtains around your bay, they rely on the supplied passing rings and passing brackets systems, or poles with gliders. This means only curtains with headings that require curtain rings will work on our bay poles as intended.

Eyelet or tab top curtains cannot be hung in a 5 sided bay, unless a curtain is placed between each support bracket.

Advice for Measuring and Fitting

If you require any help with measuring or fitting then go to our Bay window measuring guide, or if you're unsure which system is best suited for your bay then please contact us on 01243 586660 a member of our team will be happy to help.