Children's Bedroom Blinds

Children's Bedroom Blinds
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Bedroom Blinds for Children's Rooms


We haven't split the designs in to boys blinds and girls blinds as there are so many unisex designs, we'll leave that choice down to the customer. Please scroll through the selection above and get in touch if you have any questions, we're always very happy to help.

Blackout Blinds

Our hand picked selection of kid’s blinds includes blackout blinds and dim-out blinds. Using blackout blinds for children’s bedrooms is a great idea as the blinds keep the room dark, creating a restful environment any time of the day and allowing your child a regular sleep routine which won’t be disturbed by lighter summer’s evenings, or bright mornings. Our blinds with blackout fabric properties are among the roller blinds, roman blinds and vertical blinds listed in this section.

Blackout for an undisturbed night

Roller blinds are generally best suited to children’s bedrooms, they are easy to operate and certain fabrics are available with blackout and dim-out properties. All roller blinds in this section have been hand picked and are based on colours and patterns to best suit bedrooms for kids. We have many unisex styles suitable for both boys bedrooms and girls rooms.

Blinds by Colour

We have categorised our most popular blinds in to colours to help you select the tone that best suits the decor of your child's bedroom. To narrow our extensive range of blinds down to a specific colour range please click on the colour blocks below.