Kitchen Blinds

Kitchen Blinds

All our blinds recommended for kitchens are hand picked based on the most practical styles and popular colours and prints often found in the kitchen. In this section we have hand picked a selection of blinds which are ideal for kitchens also based on the fabric properties best suited for kitchens such as wipe clean, moisture resistant and Teflon coated. If the designs we have suggested above don't appeal please remember we have dozens more styles, colours and fabrics available in our  ready made blinds sections.

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Blinds for the Kitchen

When purchasing kitchen blinds it is important to consider the size of the kitchen, the environment, location of your windows and existing décor. Kitchens create condensation when cooking as well as strong odours so unless your windows are some distance from your cooking area its better to avoid blinds with heavy fabrics such as roman blinds.

Most Popular Kitchen Blinds?

Roller blinds are the most popular blinds in a kitchen. They are ideal for kitchens of all sizes, the fabrics are light in weight, unimposing and are less likely to trap kitchen odours. All roller blinds are fine for kitchen use but our hand picked selection includes our roller blinds with kitchen themed prints, most popular kitchen colours and special fabric properties to best suit kitchen environments such as moisture resistant for condensation, wipe clean for hygiene and kitchen splashes and Teflon coated for extra resilience against all kitchen elements.

Blinds by Colour

We have also categorised our most popular blinds by colour to help you select the tone that best suits the decor of your kitchen. To narrow our extensive range of blinds down to a specific colour range please click on the colour blocks below.

Our range of Black blindsOur range of White blindsOur range of purple and lilac window blindsOur range of Blue BlindsOur range of yellow and orange blindsOur range of green blindsOur range of grey and silver blindsOur range of blinds in creams and brownsOur range of blinds in shades of reds and pinks