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Living Room Blinds

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A Classic Roller

A traditional roller blind is the most popular choice of blind for furnishing a living room especially as they can also be used as a secondary window dressing to curtains. Used on their own, roller blinds are unfussy, minimal, practical, unobtrusive and available in a fantastic range of colours and prints to lift any lounge.

When used in conjunction with curtains, they can offer extra privacy during the day when the curtains are open, as well as preventing any fading or damage to existing carpets or furniture. Living room blinds can be used as the functioning window dressing allowing the perfectly draped curtains to be left as the show piece of the room.

Blinds by Colour

We have categorised some of the most popular blinds by their colour to help you select the tones and shades that best suits mood of your living room. To narrow our extensive range of blinds down to a specific colour range please click on the colour blocks below.