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Speedy Ball Metal Curtain Holdbacks (pair)



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Speedy Poles Apart Alexia Finials for 28mm Poles (pair)



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Speedy Poles Apart 28mm Metal Pole Only



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Speedy poles from the range

The poles have a standard diameter of 28mm (1 1/8"), are supplied as pole only and are available in the 4 classic colours of satin silver, antique brass, chrome and polished graphite to match the range of finials, brackets and curtain rings.

Poles are available in multiple lengths but are all supplied in 1 piece, allowing you to join 2 together to achieve longer lengths. A 28mm pole joiner is required when joining 2 poles as well as a standard or deluxe IDC bracket to support the join in the centre of the pole.

Curtain pole brackets

Speedy brackets include the standard, deluxe IDC and passing pole brackets, all of which are wall fixing and extendable, allowing you to fit your curtain poles to a wall or face fixing surface and extend the projection of the pole from the wall. These extendable brackets can potentially allow you to hang your curtains past protruding obstacles in your window such as ornaments or window handles, and generally make fitting your curtain poles much easier.

When used in conjunction with the Speedy passing rings, the passing brackets will allow the rings and curtains to glide over them with ease, perfect for creating a pole for bay windows or furnishing extra large windows.

Recess pole brackets are also available which enables you to fit a pole in a gap between 2 adjacent walls or within a recess window area.

Speedy metal curtain rings

Rings from the Speedy collection include the standard metal and metal passing rings, both have an internal nylon lining which allows for a smoother and quieter glide when pulling your curtains. Use the standard rings with the standard, IDC and recess brackets and the passing rings with the passing brackets.

Mix and match Speedy finials

Whether you're looking for a modern or a more traditionally decorated window dressing, Speedy manufacture a fantastic collection of decorative curtain pole finials to add to your poles. Sold in pairs, the finials simply fit onto the end of the poles and secure in place by tightening the tiny grub screw located on the finial collar.

Other Speedy accessories

Other accessories for Speedy curtain poles are available such as a collection of Speedy holdbacks for curtains for a beautiful finishing touch and corner joints which are hinged devices that fit between 2 poles to meet the angles of a bay window.

Help building your curtain pole

When purchasing components to create your own curtain pole we recommend sticking on the same brand and range as sizes and tolerances between manufacturers can slightly vary and may not work together.
If you would like any help or advice creating a unique curtain pole to best suit your windows and requirements then please 'contact us' and we will be happy to help.