28mm Eyelet Curtain Poles

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Speedy Nikola 28mm Metal Eyelet Curtain Pole

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What are eyelet curtain poles

Eyelet headed curtains have eyelets located at the top of the curtain and the curtain pole passes directly through all of the eyelets, similarly, tab top headed curtains have loops of fabric at the top where the pole passes through. These types of curtains do not require curtain rings as the curtains do not require them to operate, so they are not included with these types of curtain poles.

Eyelet pole diameters

The internal diameter of the eyelets supplied with eyelet curtains can vary but usually they are around 40mm (1 9/16") so the diameter of the pole is very important as enough of a gap around (10mm (3/8") is required to allow the curtains to pull on the pole without them snagging, so poles with a 28mm (1 1/8") diameter are ideal.

Requires extendable brackets

Speedy eyelet curtain poles are supplied with the standard extendable brackets which are required for eyelet curtains as the curtains create an 'S' shape wave when threaded onto the pole. This in turn requires the pole to have ample distance from the wall to prevent the curtains brushing against the wall when opening and closing.

Traditional and contemporary eyelet poles

With such a wide collection available, we would recommend the Speedy Nikola, Piazza, Cage, Boulevard, Vienna and Mia to suit traditional style interior decor and for those looking to hang eyelet curtains in contemporary furnished homes, we recommend taking a look at the Speedy Crystal, Crash, Square, Alexia and Bracelet poles for eyelet headed curtains

Help and advice

If you would like any help or advice choosing the right pole for your eyelet curtains then please 'contact us' and a friendly member of our team will happily help you.