Cameron Fuller System 30 Track Only (Ceiling Fix)

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  • Ceiling fixing pieces of System 30 aluminium track only – no brackets, gliders, joiners, end stops and finials included (see the related items).
  • Pre-drilled holes in the track profile allows you to ceiling fix without the need for brackets.
  • Multiple lengths supplied in 1 piece, join tracks together to achieve any length.

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  • 1 x Cameron Fuller System 30 Track Only (Ceiling Fix)


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The System 30 piece of track only is supplied without any gliders, brackets, curtain stops, joiners or finials allowing you to make your own curtain track to meet the requirements of your windows.

Please note – this is the standard System 30 track which CANNOT be bent. A hand bendable version is available ‘Click Here’ to view.

Designed for ceiling fixing, each track has pre-drilled holes in the profile allowing them to fixed directly to the ceiling without the need for brackets. This provides a nice flush fixing to your ceiling or top fix surface. For additional support simply drill extra fixing holes.

Please note – a wall fix version of the System 30 track only is available without any pre-drilled holes ‘Click Here’ to view.

Beautifully engineered from colour powder coated aluminium and supplied in 1 piece lengths is sizes including 150cm (59 1/16"), 180cm (70 7/8"), 240cm (94 1/2") and 300cm (118 1/8”).

For longer lengths the tracks can be joined together to achieve any length as the coordinating gliders can pass between the joins (see the related items below). The system 30 offers the flexibility of hanging anything from 1 to multiple curtains gliding all the way along the track unhindered.

The tracks are suitable for hanging a total weight of up to 25kg. Please note – a secure fixing is essential so we recommend acquiring the necessary plugs and screws for your ceiling material.

Tracks can be easily cut down to your exact required length at home using a junior hack saw.

  • Select your required colour and length and see the ‘Specification’ tab for further information.
  • Supplied as 1 piece lengths of track only – gliders, curtain stops, joiners and finials are sold separately – see the ‘Related Items’ below.
  • Designed for ceiling fixing – fit via pre-drilled holes in the track profile.
  • Multiple tracks can be joined to achieve any length, coordinating gliders pass the joins.
  • Premium quality powder colour coated aluminium, made in England.
  • Tracks can be cut down to your required length using a junior hacksaw.
  • Suitable for heavy curtains up to 25kg (when correct quantity of brackets are added).


How to make a complete curtain track

1. Choose the colour and length of your track, remember all tracks are supplied in 1 piece in lengths of up to 300cm (118 1/8”). For longer lengths purchase extra tracks and join together with the track joiner – see the ‘Related Items’ below.

2. Add curtain end stops – These fit and secure in the track profile and are positioned in the location of the track that you want your curtains to stop, including each end of the track.

3. Add gliders – We recommend no less than 1 x glider for every 70mm (2 3/4") of track length.

4. Choose your finials – For the perfect finishing touch, choose from simple caps to more decorative styles such as the ball, barrel and collar.

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