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  • Speedy Transparent Acrylic Curtain Draw Rods (pair)

    Speedy Transparent Acrylic Curtain Draw Rods (pair)


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Curtain Draw Rods

Within this section you find our full range of curtain draw rods which are available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials and are suitable for all types of curtains.

Why use Curtain Draw Rods?

Draw rods attach to the leading edge of the curtains by the first curtain ring or glider. They are used to open and close the curtains without actually having to touch the curtain fabric. T

This is beneficial for two reasons.

Keeping your Curtains Clean

Handling the curtain fabric over time can cause the curtain material to get dirty and stained, using a pair of curtain draw rods will help to keep curtains clean.

If your windows are inaccessible

Draw rods are also a great idea when opening and closing curtains in extra tall windows as handling curtains from such a height can cause curtain hooks to snap or even worse, yanking the curtains from the bottom of the fabric might put too much tension on the curtain pole or track causing problems or breakages.