Corded Curtain Poles

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The Benefits of a Corded system

Opening and closing a set of curtains by hand can cause complications if the windows are very high or if the window is not very accessible, such as a landing window, as it will put undue strain on the pole brackets if the curtains are operated from half way down. Light coloured curtains will mark over time, especially down the leading edge of the curtains from constant handling, so fitting a corded pole will eliminate the need to touch the curtains when they are being opened or closed.

How do they work?

Available in wood or metal, corded curtain poles operate by means of a track that has been embedded in a channel on the underside of the pole. Curtain rings are then replaced with track gliders. This type of pole is usually supplied with crossover arms which allows the fabric to slightly overlap in the centre to reduce any gaps when the curtains are closed.

Metal Poles

Due to the cording system, metal corded poles are often extendable to save the hassle of cutting down to fit a specific window. They are also generally better suited to contemporary styled windows or modern homes and apartments. For medium to heavy weight drapes we recommend no thinner than the 30mm (1 3/16") diameters and for heavy interlined, 50mm (2") diameters are best.

Wooden Poles

For a warm and traditional styled home décor, or furnishing a grand and glorious large window, wooden corded poles could be the answer. They are constructed the same way as the metal with a channel carved into the underside and the curtain rings are then replaced with gliders. For hanging medium to heavy weights we recommend a diameter of no less than a 40mm (1 9/16").