Create Your Own Curtain Pole

Create Your Own Curtain Pole

Get Creative and Design A Bespoke Curtain Pole

Each range features poles in different lengths, diameters and colour finishes with coordinating accessories such as brackets, curtain rings and decorative finials. Passing rings, passing brackets, corner joints, ceiling fix supports, recess, double brackets are also available.and matching holdbacks are also available from certain collections.

Please note – mixing products from different ranges is unadvisable as colours, fixings and sizes may not be compatible.

Creating Your Perfect Pole Couldn’t Be Easier

Just follow these simple steps

• Choose a range from our collection.
• Select the colour and length of your pole (most are supplied in 1 piece, join 2 together with an internal joiner for longer lengths).
• Choose the finials (if required).
• Choose the brackets (poles up to 180cm (70 7/8") require 2 brackets, any lengths over we recommend 3).
• Choose curtain rings if required (we recommend 1 ring to every 10cm (3 15/16") of pole length).
• Choose any other components need for your windows such as corner joints for bays if required.

Finish Your Creation with a Matching Curtain Holdback

Most of our Mix and Match poles have a matching curtain holdback to finish the ensemble to perfection.

Please remember if you are unsure of which components you need for furnishing your windows or if you would like any free colour samples, then please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help you.