Galleria & G2 Galleria 35mm - Create Your Own Pole Range

Not sure how to create your curtain pole from the components in this range? Simply click on a tab below for diagrams and information.

Create your own Galleria 35mm 1 piece pole section



 Galleria 35mm 2 piece pole for create your own curtain pole section



Product Identifier

Galleria & G2 Galleria Curtain Rings for 35mm Poles 

(1 ring per 10cm (4”) of pole

Galleria curtain pole rings

G2 & Galleria End Bracket for 35mm Poles

Galleria curtain pole end bracket for 35mm pole

G2 & Galleria Centre Bracket for 35mm Poles

Galleria centre bracket for 35mm curtain pole

Galleria & G2 Galleria 35mm Metal Pole Only

Galleria 35mm metal curtain pole only

Internal Curtain Pole Joiner for 35mm Poles

Galleria 35mm metal pole joiner

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The Galleria g2 collection of curtain poles are suitable for hanging heavy weight curtains and are also available as a Create Your Own curtain pole which includes individual components. This allows you to design your own curtain pole, including curtain poles that will fit into the recess of a window, giving a bespoke finish to your windows. The stunning range of curtain pole finials is the most glorious selection, many with the most decadent of finishes, assuring you of a successful window treatment.


  • Complete curtain pole sets and individual components.
  • Poles can be trimmed at home using a fine tooth saw.
  • Suitable for supporting heavy weight drapes.
  • Available in lengths of up to 480cms (157 1/2”) for extra large windows.
  • Delivered within 2 working days.
  • Supplied with a standard years guarantee.
  • Free colour samples are available.