Net Rods and Net Wire

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Rods for Net Curtains

These are usually extendable and are held in place within the window recess by tensioning and expanding between the two surfaces without the need for drilling or cutting. The rubber stops located on each end of the rod provides a secure grip to virtually any surface including wallpaper, tiles and painted surfaces.
Our collection are supplied as complete kits with no need for curtain rings as rods and net wire simply thread through the channel heading of the nets.

Net Wire

This is designed to fit within a window recess and is stretched into place and secured by hooks at intervals and eyelets at the ends. For extra wide windows over 2 metres an extra hook is provided for the centre of the window to prevent the wire from sagging when the voiles or net curtains are installed. This is a simple solution for dressing windows, can be cut to length with pliers and easily threaded through the curtain channel heading.