Dormer Rods, Portiere Rods & Drapery Arms

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Door Curtains will keep out cold and drafts

A "portiere" is a curtain hung over a door. Portiere Rods are used for stopping cold drafts from entering the room by hanging a curtain over the door. The long bracket of the rod screws into the surrounding frame of the door (the door jamb or door post), then the swivel arm screws into the door itself. As the door pulls open the system lifts the curtain slightly to keep the fabric from dragging underneath the door. When the door is closed the system relaxes back and lowers the curtain to floor level again.

Portiere’s are ideally suited to drafty houses as they can help to save money by cutting down on heat loss.

Hinged Curtain Rods for Dormer windows & doors

Dormer Rods and Drapery Arms are designed for hanging curtains, nets or voiles in a dormer window or small recess area where there is little or no space to pull curtains back away from the window. The bracket hinge allows the curtains to swing away from the window by swinging the rod itself with the curtains attached rather than drawing curtains up and down a conventional curtain pole.