Curtain Track Gliders

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Curtain Track Gliders

Gliders are designed and manufactured to fit specific curtain tracks, they come in various shapes and sizes and can be made of metal or plastic, some gliders are silicone impregnated for a smoother gliding action. They are sold in packs with the quantities supplied varying depending on the make and model of each curtain track.

How Gliders Work

Curtain hooks hook into the heading tape of the curtains which in turn hook into the curtain track gliders through a moulded eyelet at the base of each glider, this allows the curtains to open and close on the curtain track.
Gliders run along the bottom or the back of a channel section of the track. In some cases, the hook gliders may clip over the front of the track. These positions may vary depending on design and type of curtain track you are using to operate your curtains.

Why Use Extra Gliders?

Adding extra gliders to a curtain track will give your curtain extra support. If the top of the curtain is sagging between each glider this is a sure sign you need to add on additional curtain track gliders. A curtain with the correct amount of gliders will result in a curtain which is better supported and therefore hang a lot neater. As a guide, you should have a curtain hook hooked in to a curtain glider every 8 – 10cms of curtain track.

When selecting curtain track gliders, it is very important to purchase the correct type, as most gliders look the same at first glance. Gliders which are incompatible with your curtain track will result in jamming or the gliders simply not fitting in or on the curtain track.

Looking for Curtain Hooks?

The products in this category fit inside the curtain track. If you are looking for the actual hook that attaches directly to the curtain please visit our range of quality curtain hooks here. We sell both metal and the more common plastic curtain hook the most popular being the Rufflette Standard Curtain Hook - sold in packs of 30