Track Brackets & End Stop

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Curtain Track Brackets

Extra brackets are often needed to replace old and broken brackets or if your curtains are very heavy and the track needs extra support.

If you have a corded track, it is a good idea to add brackets to spread the load of the downward pulling motion of the cording system. In other areas such as a bay window, the brackets positions should be fitted just before each bend of the bay to give the corners as much support as possible.

Curtain Track Stop Ends

Every curtain track requires curtain end stops, which are supplied in different materials and designs specific to each individual curtain tracks. This small device which fits to the end of the curtain track prevents the curtain gliders and curtains from sliding off the end of the curtain track. In some instances, end stops can be fitted not just on the end of a curtain track but positioned at any point along the rail, enabling you to fit multiple pairs of curtains over individual windows beneath the curtain track.