Curtain Tracks By Type

We specialise in all types of track for curtains ranging from plastic and metal for standard windows and patio doors to complicated bays and even rails for showers, bath rooms, hospitals and doctors surgeries.

Above you will find our complete catalogue organised into simple categories to help you find exactly what you are looking for quickly and easily. Once you have chosen your relevant category our filter navigation allows you to search through our collection of colours, brands, materials and recommended curtain weights.

Whether you are looking for plastic or metal, extendable or corded, we have a large selection to suit any window or specific function. We offer a collection of hand bendable rails for bay windows as well as heavy duty products designed for stage curtains. We supply extra long tracks for patio doors and large windows, as well as double rails which enables you to hang 2 pairs of curtains, or a curtain and voile in the same area.

Windows come in all sorts of shapes and sizes which can sometimes make them awkward to furnish with curtains. We understand you may need a little extra help or advice when it comes to furnishing which is why our customer services team are at your disposal to answer any questions.