Flexible Curtain Tracks

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Flexible curtain tracks

Flexible curtain tracks are required when hanging curtains in a bay window or in a window area with multiple sides, angles or returning walls.

Bendable curtain tracks are simplistic, easy to fit and allow for a smooth and easy curtain glide when pulling curtains around the corners, or onto adjacent walls or windows.

Types of flexible tracks

The most flexible curtain tracks are made from PVC or plastic which are ideal for curved, or semi-circular curved windows as they flex themselves into shape to meet the contours of your window. Metal or aluminium tracks are perfect for straight run windows or windows with straight angles and can be bend by hand at home.

Flexible tracks for bays are available as standard hand drawn, or cord operated for ease of use which saves you handling the fabric which can cause slight soiling of your curtains over time.

Supplied complete and ready to fit

All of our flexible curtain tracks are supplied complete and fit to hang your curtains which include all necessary quantities of gliders and brackets which are either wall or ceiling fixing to best suit the requirements of your windows.

Ceiling fixing brackets are required when little or no space is available for conventional wall fixing and they allow you to fit the track closer into the room and further away from the windows to avoid obstacles like large window frames or handles, ect.

Our tracks are available in a generous selection of lengths to cater for small and large windows and for a perfect fit most flexible tracks can be cut down at home with a fine tooth saw.

Curtain weights

Flexible tracks can cater for most curtain weights. The material of the track being either metal or PVC has no bearing on the weight limit of the product, the strength and design of the brackets as well as the track profile and the style of gliders will govern the curtain weight that the product is able to support.

Choosing the right track for my windows

Our filter navigation allows you to filter through our collection by track material and suitable curtain weight as well as colour and brand which includes Speedy, Integra and Swish.

Please remember if you would like any additional help or advice then please contact us and a member of our team will happily help you.