Made to Measure Curtains suitable for Bay Windows

All our made to measure curtains are suitable for installation in a Bay Window area. With over 80 fabrics to choose from you are certain to find a pattern / style that suits your Bay. All our collections are made to very high standards from a great range of fabrics. Your curtains will be made to your required measurements and specifications here in the UK.

Please CLICK HERE and select the curtains of your choice. Make your selection of prefered fabric from over 80 styles and patterns from some of the UK's finest fabric manufacturers. Then complete STEP 1 (as below) with regard to size and dimensions and whether you prefer pinch pleat, pencil pleat ot eyelet heading.

Custom made curtains for bay windows

In STEP 2 you will be prompted for the LINING STYLE. From this pull-down option select "BLACKOUT LINING" if they are to be fitted in a bedroom and you want the light to be blocked, otherwise select either WHITE or IVORY.

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Fitting bay window curtains doesn’t have to be complicated. Our curtain tracks for bay windows are extremely flexible; made to fit any window space, and are available in a full range of colours in beautiful plains or patterned fabrics to suit all interiors.

We offer standard lining for hanging drapes in living room bays, as well as blackout lining for bedrooms. Our drapes are beautifully made to your exact size and requirements by skilled curtain makers in the UK.

Large windows (especially bays) are the focal point of most rooms as your eyes are naturally drawn to the light. Coordinating the colours of your curtains with existing fabrics, wall papers, paintings or ornaments will achieve visual harmony.

Choosing Suitable Curtain Headings for Bays

The heading style is very important when choosing drapes for bays. We would strongly recommend curtain headings that require curtain rings for operation such as pencil pleat or pinch pleats. Pencil and pinch pleats headers are easily identifiable by the way in which they gather. While pencil pleat curtains retain a ‘scrunched’ look, when attached to the bay window curtain rail, pinch pleats have a more decorative and tailored look as the pleats are neatly tailored together.

Curtain Rings

When using passing curtain rings in conjunction with passing brackets, curtains can glide easily over the supports, allowing one pair of drapes to glide easily from the sides to the centre of the bay.

Hanging eyelet curtains in bay windows will cause complications; this is because poles tread through the eyelets of the curtains heading to operate, making them completely unsuitable for use with all curtain tracks, which are a practical and cost effective solution for furnishing bays.

Due to their design, eyelet curtains cannot pass any type of support bracket, which is important with bay poles, especially in the corners where support is most required.

Blackout Curtains

We recommend using blackout lining for bay window curtains that are in the bedroom or in other spaces of the home where you do not want light to penetrate or disturb you. Blackout linings also help your home retain heat, which is perfect in the evenings or for colder rooms.

For more information on fitting and measuring your curtain tracks for bay windows click here.

If you require any extra help or advice then please contact us, either by telephone, email or live chat, and a member of customer services team will be happy to help you.