Pencil Pleated Curtains - Made to Measure

Close up detail of our pencil pleat curtains made to measure - delivered ready made

What are Pencil Pleat Curtains?

From our extensive collection of Made to Measure Curtains we are pleased to offer a range of over 80 fabrics in this classic Pencil Pleated heading style. Pencil pleat curtains have a 3” (6.5cm) deep heading tape which is sewn on the back of the fabric and located about 1/8” (3mm) from the top of the curtain. Pencil pleat heading tape has 3 rows of hook pockets (top, middle & bottom) allowing you to adjust the height of your curtains. For example if you wish to raise your curtain up a little to cover the front of curtain tracks or raise your curtains above the floor or window cills, you can alter the position of the hooks.

To produce the pencil pleat finish, the curtains will require pulling up to the tape up to the correct width. This is achieved by knotting the three heading tape cords at both ends of the heading tape, then simply pull the cords evenly from one end until your curtain reaches the correct width for your curtain track or pole. 

They can use either plastic or metal curtain hooks. We recommend curtain hooks should be spaced as follows. Hook the first pocket then miss 3 pockets and again fit a hook the next pocket then repeat the procedure across the entire width of the curtain heading. 

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Ready Made to your Requirements

Pencil Pleats are considered to be a standard style of curtain heading and generally deliver a nice understated and unfussy curtain treatment. Our curtains are manufactured by sewing the specially pleated heading tape onto the top of the curtain fabric. This heading tape is slightly stiffened with strings that pull to gather the curtains to meet your required width and form the pleats creating a finish literally similar to a row of pencils. The heading tape has three choices for the curtain hook to be attached. The top row of pockets to be used if the curtains are to hang from a curtain pole and the lower rows if the curtains are to stand up in front of a curtain track, concealing the track when closed. What you receive is a beautiful pair of ready made pencil pleat curtain - all you need to do is hang them. The customer can choose between these pencil pleats as their preferred curtain heading. Alternatively, we can supply the curtains with either a contemporary EYELET heading or an alternative triple PINCH PLEAT heading

Pencil Pleat curtains ready made and hung on a pole with rings

Custom Sizing - Just For You

Purchasing these beautiful curtains couldn’t be easier, simply enter the exact width and drop of the area you wish your curtains to cover, or enter the width of your curtain pole or track, your curtains will then be made to your custom sizing. All made to measure curtains are manufactured to exceptional standards with additional options available including standard, blackout and thermal lining and delivered ready made and ready to hang. Visit our ONLINE STORE here

All of our custom made curtains provide the option of being pinch pleat, pencil pleat ot eyelet heading. Make your choice of curtain fabric / pattern then select the PENCIL PLEAT option from STEP 1 as shown below. It really is that easy. Within a matter of days your custom made curtains will be delivered ready to hang.

Select Pencil Pleat from the options in Step 1

Want to Make your Own?

OK, it might not be everyone's idea of fun, but with the expert advice from our resident interior designer it is possible to make your own. Angela's blog is a wealth of information, ideas and fun. If you don't really fancy the challenge of making them yourself, we have our own "made to measure" service.

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Browse online through our large selection of made to measure curtains available from top brands at fantastic prices. If you need any extra help or advice please contact us via email, live chat or call us on 0845 465 0101 and a member of our team will be happy to help you.