Pinch Pleat Curtains - Made to Measure

Our online range of made to measure pinch pleat curtains - ready made just for you

What are Pinch Pleat Headed Curtains?

From our extensive collection of Made to Measure Curtains we are pleased to offer a range of over 80 fabrics in this stylish triple Pinch Pleated heading style. Pinch pleat curtains are formed by groups of pleats, double or triple gathered together with a flat section of heading between the pleats. They offer an opulent curtain treatment of traditional elegance, the styling emphasis of the curtains being the finish of the curtain heading as well as the pattern of the curtains. Pinch pleat curtain headings are most noticeable on a plain fabric, the detailing of the heading being slightly lost on a highly patterned fabric. When you order from PolesandBlinds you get the very finest curtains ready made just for you.

The pinch pleat curtain heading tape has three pocket heights allowing you to hang the curtains from the top heading to expose your chosen curtain pole. The lower heading tape pockets allow the curtains to conceal your pole or curtain track. They can add a real taste of luxury to any living room, lounge or bedroom. They create a luxurious look with neat triple pinches of fabric and uniform folds of curtain fabric when there open or closed.

Unique Features of Pinch Pleat

  • Neat uniform pleats
  • No pull to width required
  • Compatible with curtain poles and curtain tracks

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Ready Made just for you - Custom Sizings

Manufactured to the highest standards your curtains are made to the exact stated width and drop of the area you wish your curtains to cover. Or, enter the width of your existing pole or track. Detailed fitting and measuring instructions are available on each curtains product page and we offer free samples giving you a better idea of colours and fabric texture before placing your order. We offer a choice of blackout, standard or thermal lining with our made to order curtains as well as coordinating curtain tiebacks. Your curtains will arrive ready made to your precise custom sizing, all you are left to do is hang them.

Close Up Detail - Triple Pinched Header

The image below shows an example of a TRIPLE PLEATED curtain header as supplied by us. This is the standard we adhere to with the triple pinch.

Close up detail of a pinch pleated curtain header - triple pinch

The pinch pleats are created from 5” (12.7cm) deep buckram heading (stiffened stabilizing fabric) which is sewn onto the top of the curtain allowing the pinches to retain their shape thought out the life of the curtain. Each pinch is made from three folds of fabric and permanently sewn together, the spacing of the pinches depends on the width of your curtains but they will be roughly 4” (10cm) to 5” (12.7cm) apart.

All of our made to measure curtains have the option of being made with this popular heading style. Just make your choice of curtain material pattern then select the PINCH PLEAT option from STEP 1 as shown below. It really is that easy. Within a matter of days your custom made curtains will be delivered and ready to hang.

Made to measure curtain heading style selection is this easy


Want to Make your Own

Unlike some of our competitors, we have our own in-house interior designer, Angela Broughton. Please have a look at Angela's blog to see how easy (or hard) it is to make your own Pinch Pleat Curtains. If it looks like a bit of a challenge, then why not use our made to measure service.

Help and Advice with Pinch Pleat Curtains

At Poles and Blinds we understand you may need a little extra help or advice when choosing the right curtains for your windows and rooms. We offer detailed guides for measuring and fitting our curtains and if you would like to contact us either by email, live chat or call us on 0845 465 0101 a friendly member of our team will be happy to advise you.