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Roller Blind Video Guides

Our Video Guides to Roller Blinds

Video Guides from Poles&Blinds

We have spent many hours producing a set of short but hopefully useful videos with the aim of helping you to measure and fit your bllnds. These videos, how to measure and fit roller blinds, have been made by us, to enhance your shopping experience with Poles&

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This is our easy steps guide to fitting a roller blind. This popular style of blinds are perfect for total privacy as, unlike venetian blinds, they can completely blackout light, making them great for bedrooms and bathrooms. They can also be bought in various fabric mixes, some fire retardant, great for kitchens, and some mold and mildew resistant, great for bathrooms. Before buying your new blinds, please also watch our video on how to measure the window to ensure your purchase is the perfect fit.

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All the information you will require in a short video guide from Poles and Blinds, if you are about to order a new blind, Angela, interior designer with, explains how you can measure for roller blinds for inside the window frame, known as a recess blind, or to overlap the window opening, which is called an exact blind. This short video guide shows you how to measure for this style of blind and also the choices you may be asked to make when ordering your blind

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