We know how important it is for our customers to have complete confidence when making a purchase. You can rest assured that our site is a secure. Everything from your transaction security, privacy and verification of the business behind Poles and Blinds.com is explained in this section.


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Your Transaction Security 

Our website identity has been verified by Alpha SSL so in short this ensures that our site is safe and secure and that all your sensitive information entered at the checkout (payment area) is encrypted (256 bit encryption) between your computer/device and PolesandBlinds preventing any third parties from tampering with the data.

We do not store or see any of your credit/debit card oir PayPal details when you have made a purchase online.


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Verification of the Business Poles and Blinds.com

We want our customers to have complete trust in our business and feel secure when shopping on our website, so we feel that it’s imperative to be completely transparent in showing we are a credit and trustworthy business. As a part of this we have been verified by a third party company, www.Checkrate.co.uk this company verifies that poles and blinds.com is a legitimate business and monitors our credit score on a daily basis, simply click "here" (opens new window) to see our Checkrate Certification, which includes:

  • Website address
  • Status
  • Verified credit assessment
  • Verified company information including company number and registered office
  • Established / Registered


You will also find us on Companies House www.companieshouse.gov.uk to see company information and enter our company number 05829406.


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Your Privacy Matters to Us

We take your privacy very seriously and are committed to safeguarding your personal information while providing the highest quality of service. You can rest assured that none of your personal details will be released to any company for mailing or marketing purposes.

When you make a purchase, request a free sample or register on our website the only personal information we collect is: your name, billing address, email address, delivery address and phone number all of which are required to enable us to complete your order. This complies fully with Data Protection and consumer legislation.

Please Note: We do not store or see any of your card details at any point of the ordering process.


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What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages on our site. This allows your browser to remember information when browsing between pages i.e. showing previously viewed item and your basket contents.

To order from us you need to have your cookies enabled, if you do not wish to have cookies enabled you will only be able to browse the website, but unfortunately you will not be able to order anything.

Please note cookies don’t harm your computer they are not programs and this means they cannot contain any software or any viruses, they are purely strings of numbers and text. From a user point of view you would never know they were there apart from when you visit a website and you can see your recently viewed items.