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3 Sided Bay Tracks

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Swish Sologlyde PVC Hand Bendable Curtain Track Set (Wall or Ceiling Fix)
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3 Sided Bay Window Curtain Track

Three sided bay window tracks is our most popular category within this bay track section and as a result there is a wide choice of curtain tracks available. To help you decide which track will be most suitable for you need we have broken our range down in to two different category types.

   • Pre-packed 3 sided bay curtain tracks
   • Made to measure 3 sided curtain tracks

Pre-packed Curtain Tracks for 3 sided Bays

Purchasing a pre-packed curtain track kit is by far the easiest and quickest option when you want to get your curtains hung in your bay window. These curtain rails are supplied in various different types, everything from metal to plastic, corded to uncorded and all of which are hand bendable making them ideal choice for three sided bay windows.

   • Ideal for 3 sided bay windows
   • Fast delivery times, see products for details
   • Prices start from £12.50
   • Curtain rails available in plastic and metal
   • All you need in one easy to purchase pack

Made to Measure Curtain Tracks for 3 sided Bays

Made to measure tracks are manufactured and designed to function for years with very limited maintenance making them an ideal choice for 3 sided bay windows. So if you have a list of requirements that a standard pre-packed curtain track just won’t fulfil a made to measure track is certainly going to be the choice for you. Everything from extra wide windows openings, heavy weight curtains, corded or uncorded and many more can all be accommodated.

   • Made to your  window requirements
   • Delivery times between 6 & 8 day see product for details
   • Experts on hand to check each bay window order
   • Made to measure 3 sided bay tracks start from £74.12

If you require detailed information on individual product categories simply click on the green question mark to see a comprehensive overview allowing you to establish whether that particular product category will be suitable for your bay window