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Bay Window Guides

measuring guide for bay windows


Here at Poles & Blinds we understand you may need a little help when dealing with a bay window.

The links opposite will provide you with all the information required for you to measure your bay window, choose your bay curtain pole, curtain track or blinds, as well as detailed fitting instructions.

If you cannot find the particular information you are looking for, or your bay window is an unusual shape, then please use the Live Help button or call Poles & Blinds on the number provided and one of our representatives will be pleased to help you.



Looking for inspiration to make the most of your bay window ?

Click on the links below to discover the most popular and desirable bay window treatments currently available

Whatever your type of home and style of décor, you will find at Poles and Blinds a range of quality products for bay windows, which are surprisingly easy ti fit and great value for money.


Choosing Curtain Poles For Bay WindowsBack to top

These types of pole have been specifically designed for use in bay windows. They have adjustable corner joints which enables the poles to fit the angles of the bay window, whilst ensuring that the special curtain rings pass freely along the pole. Curtain poles are the most popular style of modern window treatment and our ranges for bay windows have matching counterparts for you to also use in your straight windows. This type of curtain pole, when used in a bay window, is not suitable for eyelet or tab top curtains, as the curtain needs to hang from the ring.


Types of Bay Window Poles

curtain poles for bay windows

COMPLETE BAY POLE SETS - These poles are supplied complete with everything you will need to install in your measured bay window. They may be cut to the correct length and are surprisingly easy to fit.

DESIGN YOUR OWN BAY POLE - A number of our bay window poles may be purchased as a pole only. You may then select from our wonderful choice of curtain finials to add your own personal style to your bay window treatment. You will be able to find a curtain pole for every taste and style of decor from our extensive range.

CUSTOM MADE BAY POLE - This bespoke service offers a bay pole made specifically to your window measurements. After choosing your desired pole, you simply need to contact us to request a measuring form. When you have completed the form, return it to us by email and we will check it thoroughly for you before placing your order. Our bay window experts are on hand for you to call should you require assistance.

Choosing Curtain Tracks For Bay WindowsBack to top

Bay windows are not actually difficult to deal with, thanks to the many specialist tracks available that can be bent carefully by hand to fit the shape of a bay. Fitting a full length curtain to a track following the curve of your bay presents a beautiful flow of fabric when the curtains are closed at night.



Bay Window Curtain Tracks

curtain tracks for bay windows

Plastic curtain track is the most economical and easiest to use as it simply clips onto the brackets fitted in the bay angles and naturally follows the curve of the window.

Metal curtain track is available in a variety of finishes and is more suitable for heavy curtains than plastic. Our bay window metal tracks are supplied with special bending bars to assist you to when bending to your measured angle.

For that extra special look, double curtain track for bay windows allows you to create a stunning layered window treatment. Bay window curtain track comes with corded and uncorded options.

Choosing Blinds For a Bay WindowBack to top

Bay windows lend themselves to blinds of any style as long as the bay contains flat sections.

Vertical blinds are the only blinds that can be fitted in curved bay windows. The vertical blind track will need to be bent according to the measurements of your bay at the factory.


Roman Blinds

roman blinds for bay windows

Romans are a more luxurious style of blind, as they are produced from soft furnishing fabrics that are also used for curtains.

They are the most popular style of blind used inside a bay window, especially when teamed with full length dressed curtains fitted across the front of the bay.

A blackout lining option is also available for Roman blinds, making them an ideal choice for bedrooms.

This type of blind is best used in a larger length window, as the blind open in a series of concertina folds and in smaller windows this may significantly reduce the daylight levels in the room.


Roller Blinds

roller blinds for bay windows

Roller blinds are the most economical form of blind, as well as being the easiest to fit and are available in large range of colours and paterns.

They make a perfect choice, especially for small windows or in rooms with a limited floor area, letting in the maximum light as they literally roll up forming a tight cylinder at the top of the window.

This style of blind can quickly transform a room, being ideal for matching your decor in harmony with the changing seasons.

Blackout roller blinds are particularly useful when used in bedrooms, where daylight may affect your sleep patterns, or disrupt children's summer bedtime.


Vertical Blinds

vertical blinds for bay windows

Vertical blinds are an extremely versatile choice, being ideal for windows of any size, as well as patio and sliding doors. When used in bay windows, they are a modern, efficient, space saving treatment.

They stack neatly to the side when not in use, but will fully cover the window when required, offering maximum privacy and security.

Vertical blinds can be made from a variety of high tech fabrics and can be treated with special finishes to cope with the demands made on them from rooms with a south facing elevation, temperature, humidity and the general wear and tear of day-to-day living. Fire resistant finishes are available to comply with regulations in offices and public buildings.


Metal Venetian Blinds

venetian blinds for bay windows

For the ultra modern look, ideal for contemporary minimalist interiors, especially in one of the metallic finishes.

This style of blind is a 21st century answer to net curtains, as the finite adjustment to the angle of the slats offer privacy, whilst still allowing a degree of light to enter the room.

The metal venetian is a very popular blind for bay windows, as they can be adjusted to close exactly where required, so ornaments, plants and other objects can remain in place on the bay window sill, even with the blinds closed.


Wooden Venetian Blinds

wooden blinds for bay windows

Wooden venetian blinds introduce the warm, welcoming look of natural wood, whilst offering the benefit of a high level of privacy and light control.

If your room has a wooden or wood laminate floor, matching the colour of the flooring with the bay window blind will create a harmonious look, adding a visual dimension to the room as the colours flow together.

Available in a wide variety of wood shades and stains, you will find a close match to most traditional and modern wood finishes in the home.

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