1. common curtain mistakes

    Common Curtain Mistakes to Avoid

    Quality curtains are often a pricey investment. That is why before buying any window treatment it is so easy to make mistakes that can become very costly. The last thing you want is to invest the time and money and get your curtains wrong. So, here are common curtain mistakes that you should avoid before buying.
  2. Windowsill Ideas

    Creative Windowsill Ideas. How Can You Decorate or Make Use of Your Windowsill?

    You probably don’t think about your windowsill that much. This is fine, but you could be missing out on some valuable décor opportunities. In fact, there are a lot beautiful windowsill ideas to choose from. To dress your windowsill beautifully or maximize your space, take a look below to find out more about the effective use of space for your windowsill ideas.
  3. Small garden ideas

    9 Beautiful Ideas for a Small Back Garden

    A lot of houses don’t have much space for their back garden. However, all of us want our gardens to look beautiful, don’t we? And many of us would prefer to have a small back garden than not have one at all. So, we have gathered here some small back garden ideas to maximise your outside space. Make your small back garden look bigger than it really is with these tips. 
  4. How to Redecorate living room on a budget

    Redecorating living room ideas on a budget. How to transform any interiors

    Sometimes giving your home a little makeover is needed, especially when it comes to your living room. However, any type of redecorating in your living room can cost a lot of money, right? Well, not necessarily! If you want to do a little bit of re-decorating, you can do, even if money is limited. Here are some budget redecorating living room ideas.
  5. Interior Design Trends 2021

    Interior Design Trends 2021

    Just like fashion, in the interior world, trends come and go. Whether you’re looking to update or refresh a room, or perhaps renovate the entire home, here are some top interior design trends for your living room, bedroom or any room in your house that you can expect for 2021. We also gathered some handy tips and ideas from popular interior design bloggers to help you easily create the latest trends 2021.
  6. Christmas home decorations: wreaths and garlands

    Christmas home decorations: wreaths and garlands

    For most people, Christmas is their favourite time of the year, and once December arrives, the excitement reaches fever pitch. During this period, one thing a lot of people like to do is adorn their house in the build-up to Christmas Day. The decorations you cannot do without are Christmas wreaths and garlands. In this post, we will provide you with some great suggestions on how you can decorate your home with Christmas wreaths and garlands and the various options you have available, as well as some other decorations and festive suggestions for your home.
  7. How to create scandinavian design. Tips

    Scandinavian Interior Design tips

    Scandinavian interior design (or hygge) is very much sought after due to its functionality and comfort. Following the hype of hygge design, it’s certainly an interior trend that shows no signs of going out of style anytime soon. If you’re looking to create a Scandinavian - inspired interior in your home, then here are some helpful tips. We asked Ingrid Opstad, a Norwegian journalist and author of That Scandinavian Feeling Blog, to share insigths into how to create modern Scandinavian style bedroom or living room at your home.

  8. Get your windows winter ready

    Get your windows winter ready

    As the colder months draw in, it’s important to get your home ready for the winter, and that includes taking a look at your windows. The windows are a place where heat can escape your home, and cold air can come in. So, save on your energy bills and keep your household warm and toasty with our tips for getting your windows winter ready.

  9. Your Ultimate Guide to Curtain Tracks: how to choose and care for them?

    Your Ultimate Guide to Curtain Tracks: how to choose and care for them?

    Curtain tracks are increasingly becoming popular. They help curtains hang directly from the ceiling, making the room look taller and adding a dramatic look for a WOW effect. Thus, when choosing curtain tracks, make sure to pick the best to support the curtains. So, how to care for them so that they don’t give out quickly? Take a look at our guide to caring and maintaining tracks and keep your curtains running smoothly for longer.

  10. How to Dress Bifold Doors Beautifully? Useful Ideas

    How to Dress Bifold Doors Beautifully? Useful Ideas

    Bifold doors are becomig increasingly popular thanks to their modern style and many functional benefits. Firstly, it is an easy way to introduce more natural light, which wardes off seasonal depression, improves your mood and reduces the health risks associated with fluorescent lights. Additionally, bifold doors extend your living space and give you a great view of your backyard and garden. However, due to their large size, bifold doors can be challenging to dress, especially if you are on a budget. So, check out these tips and learn how to dress bifold doors to help you decide which option is the best for your home.