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Welcome to Poles & Blinds

Since 2006 Poles and blinds has grown in to the UKs leading online window furnishing retailer specialising in curtain poles, blinds, bay window poles, curtain tracks and many more products all at exceptionally competitive prices making us the only place to shop online. Our friendly team at Poles and Blinds pride themselves on their expert product knowledge, impartial technical advice and high levels of customer service which sets our company apart from all of our competitors.

With top brands such as Silent Gliss, Swish, Integra, Rolls and Cameron Fuller to name but a few, rest assured we only sell the best quality products that will exceed your expectation, if it’s not good enough for us it’s not good enough for you.

If you have any queries, please visit our Help & Advice pages or give us a call and a member of the team will be happy to help you.

Regards The Poles & Blinds Team Meet the Team


At Poles and Blinds we offer a fantastic selection of ready made blinds in traditional and contemporary styles, with stylish roller blinds and blackout blinds to suit all periods of decor and room types. This section of the website allows you to choose how you wish to view our collection.

Ready Made

This type of blind is made to set measurements and finishes, which is then reflected in the price. This makes them a very economical window treatment. They are available in a stunning array of colours, many also with a blackout finish, ensuring there is something to match the most discerning of tastes.Our most popular lines in this ready made blinds category are the ready made Roller Blinds and Blackout Blinds

Our range of blinds are not only very practical, being ideal for kitchens and toilets & bathrooms, especially with the moisture resistant option, but will also look very attractive in living rooms or bedrooms. They can be used on their own or combined with curtains to create an eye-catching layered window treatment. A children's themed blind can be a fun focal point in a kids bedroom. They can be finished with attractive shaped bottoms, or decorated with beads, eyelets or braids. Some of these blinds also have a variety of special properties such as blackout, dim out or are fire retardant

Curtain Poles

Both decorative and minimal, curtain poles come in all shapes and sizes. They are available in a variety of diameters and with a large selection of curtain finials at the end of the pole. We stock all the leading brands including Swish and Integra. Normally made of either metal or wood, the material and colour of the curtain pole should blend with the decor of the room as well as the finial being appropriate to the period or style of the room.

Wooden Poles

Wood is extremely versatile as it can be stained, painted, gilded or antiqued, making it the choice of material used for curtain poles for generations. This is still very much the case today, but the connotations of tradition still resides with a wooden pole, making it still the perfect choice for traditional or country decors. Wooden poles come in a variety of diameters and with the simplest of ball finials to the most decadent of hand carved finials. A simple pine curtain pole will bring a country cottage feel to the decor, whereas a pole that matches the wooden flooring and furniture will give a harmonious finish to the room. Our range of wooden curtain poles includes various natural wood finishes (including; oak, antique pine, beechwalnut, rosewood, mahogany) and special effect finishes like white, silver, gold and much more. We stock all the leading brands including Swish and Rolls

Metal Poles

Your choice of curtain pole should also complement your style of decor. An elegant brass pole with an extravagant decorative finial will be better suited to a more formal or traditional setting, whereas a bright chrome one with a minimal eclectic finial will be better suited to a contemporary interior. Nearly all our poles are available with matching holdbacks, ideal for controlling your curtains in a windy window or for a busy patio door. Curtain holdbacks will also offer you the option of arranging your curtains in formal pleats or a decorative swag, maximising light by keeping the curtains away from the window opening during the day. This range of metal curtain poles is one of our most popular due to it's huge choice of styles and metals from leading brands such as Swish. We have curtain poles in the following metallic finishes; Chrome, Steel and Silver, Brass & Gold, Black Metal, Bronze and Copper and Painted or Special effect.

Bay Window Solutions

Huge advances in the manufacturing of curtain poles means that many curtain poles are now available with the option of “smart” corner joints, brackets and passing rings which not only removes the nightmare of trying to find an attractive pole for your bay window, but also allows the same pole to be fitted to standard windows in the room. Bay windows are a beautiful feature in a room and as such, should be dressed to maximise the amount of light and space they have created in the room. Curtains fitted across the front of the bay will restrict the floor area of the room at night unless they are used as dressed curtains in conjunction with some type of blind that is fitted into the bay. Many of these bay window kits can be wall or ceiling fixed depending on the requirements of the window. Our two most popular products in this range are designed for use with 3 sided bays and 5 sided bay windows.

Double Curtain Poles

Gone are the days of net curtains at busy or overlooked windows. The modern solution is to fit sheer roller blinds or a double curtain pole. The outer pole supports the main curtains and the inner pole supports sheer or voile curtains, making for a stunning layered window treatment. Curtains fitted to this type of curtain pole often look particularly attractive with the outer curtains held away from the window opening with a pair of matching holdbacks during the day, leaving the secondary layer of curtaining to soften or camouflage the view, particularly useful for an overlooked bedroom or living room window.

Eyelet Curtain Poles

Perfect for hanging eyelet and tab top curtains, this particular style of curtain pole is supplied with no curtain rings as the poles themselves thread through the eyelets at the top of the heading with eyelet curtains, or through looped tabs with tabtop curtains. Extendable brackets are also usually supplied with these types of curtain poles as eyelet curtains produce an 'S' shave wave heading which bunches the fabric between the back of the pole and the wall. These extendable brackets allow you to increase this distance, enabling the curtains to pull freely without them brushing on the wall surface.

Available in multiple lengths and colours to best suit your curtains, from top brands including Rolls, Swish and Speedy. Many of the eyelet curtain poles have a diameter of 28mm (1 1/8") which fit inside the curtain eyelets, which usually have an internal measurement of around 35mm (1 3/8"), allowing enough space for a smooth glide without the curtains snagging on the pole as you pull them.

Curtain Tracks

We offer every type of curtain track to furnish all styles of windows, ranging from standard windows to complicated multiple bend bays. They are affordable, functional, easy to fit and are usually the most practical solution for furnishing windows with curtains. In this section we categorise all the types and styles of curtain track that is available. These include both metal and plastic rails, corded or uncorded, hand bendable, wall and ceiling fix, extendable, extra long, double and many more. Products with cord controls are ideal for operating curtains in tall or obstructed windows, extendable and extra long are suitable furnishing patio doors or extra large windows and hand bendable are ideal for all shapes of bay windows.

Metal & Plastic Curtain Tracks

Our collection of metal and plastic curtain rails are extremely versatile as they are usually supplied with universal brackets, allowing you to fit your track to the wall or the ceiling where necessary. They are also available in multiple lengths and can be cut down to your exact required size at home using a fine tooth saw. We have regular uncorded or conveniently corded tracks are available.  The corded version allow you to open or close your curtains by pulling a control cord. This cord can often be moved to the left or right hand side of the window to suit your requirements and usually include a cross over arm which slightly overlaps the curtains when they are closed to eliminate gaps.

For child safety, the corded tracks include a cord retainer which fixes to the wall to secure the control cord and prevent strangulation. These popular products are available in multiple colours from top brands including Silent Gliss, Swish, Integra and Speedy.

Bay Window Curtain Tracks

Curtain tracks are usually the most practical solution for hanging curtains in bay windows, they are easy to fit and their simplicity and versatility allows the curtains to operate freely and pull smoothly around the bay. Universal brackets for wall or ceiling fixing are usually supplied and corded or uncorded curtain tracks for bays are available depending on your requirements. Corded bay tracks allow your curtains to pull around the bay on a corded system, which is ideal for tall windows and also prevents your curtains soiling over time as a result of grubby hands handling the fabric.

Depending on your requirements, we offer curtain tracks for furnishing bay windows of all shapes and sizes including rails for curved bay windows. PVC curtain tracks flex themselves into the required shape for curved bay windows, where as bendable metal tracks maybe a better option for fitting in angled bays. The bendable tracks can be hand bent at home to match the contours of your bay, or made to measure tracks are factory bent to your provided angles and measurements.

Double Curtain Tracks

Double curtain tracks allow you to hang 2 pairs of curtains in the same window. Usually light weight curtains, voile or nets hang on the back pole and stay closed which provides privacy whilst allowing natural light into the room during the day. The primary curtains located on the front track open and close as normal to provide privacy at night and reduce the light coming into the room in the mornings.

Our double curtain tracks can also be hand bent at home should you wish to hang curtains in a bay window, or return the track onto an adjacent wall and the double brackets supplied are universal, allowing you to wall or ceiling fit. Our Speedy double curtain tracks are available in colours including white, silver and antique brass in lengths starting from 150cm (59 1/16") up to 500cm (196 13/16") for furnishing extra large windows or patio doors.

Curtain Track Accessories

We offer accessories for our entire collection of curtain tracks ranging from alternative or extra brackets, additional curtain track gliders and even draw rods which clip onto the leading glider and allow you to pull the curtains with a wand rather than pulling by hand. Our curtain track accessories brands include Integra, Speedy, Silent Gliss and many more.