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4 Sided Bay Tracks

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4 Sided Bay Window Tracks

This particular section allows you to choose from two different types of bay window curtain track. Both types of curtain track are Ideal for 4 sided bays window. Below we have explained about each type of track which should allow you to make a decision on which track would be best suited for your bay window.

   • Pre-packed 4 sided bay curtain tracks
   • Made to measure 4 sided curtain tracks

Pre-packed Tracks

All of our pre-packed tracks are hand bendable so this will enable you to tailor your track to each bend of your bay window.  Within this category there are metal and plastic curtain rails, they are supplied in varying lengths up to 500cm which can all be easily trimmed to your required length with a hacksaw. Choosing a pre-packed curtain track is by far the easiest and cheapest way of getting a curtain track around a bay window.

   • Hand bendable metal or plastic curtain tracks
   • Easy to trim to length
   • Corded or uncorded tracks available
   • Fast delivery times
   • Prices start from £12.50
   • All you need in one easy to purchase pack

Made to Measure Tracks for 4 Sided Bay Windows

If you require a superior quality curtain track or find a pre-packed rail just isn’t going to be suitable for your bay then a made to measure curtain track could certainly be the answer. Each made to measure track is made specifically to your requirements allowing the bay track to fit perfectly and overcome any tricky areas within the bay. All made to measure bay window orders are checked by our ordering department to ensure all your specifications are delivered.

   • Made to your exact requirements
   • 6 to 8 day delivery times
   • Experts advice to hand
   • Simply fill out the applicable product measuring form
   • High quality products from Silent Gliss

If you require detailed information on individual product categories click the green question mark for a comprehensive overview allowing you to establish whether that particular product category will be suitable for your bay window.