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The Best Blinds for Bathrooms

It's important to consider the bathroom environment when purchasing your new blinds. Unlike a bedroom or living room, the bathroom is more like a kitchen space with it's steam from hot baths and showers creating high levels of condensation. This is especially significant in smaller bathrooms so for these humid environments we recommend blinds with wipe clean, moisture resistant or Teflon coated fabric properties. Our selection of bathroom blinds meet the demands of this steamy, humid environment.

Any type of blind can be fitted in a bathroom but blinds made from heavy fabrics such as roman blinds should only be fitted to LARGE bathrooms with plenty of ventilation. All PolesandBlinds handpicked range of blinds for the bathroom have been chosen because of their specific fabric properties to suit bathrooms as well as fashionable colours and bathroom related prints.

A beautiful bathroom finished off with a lovely roller blind


Roller Blinds in the Bathroom - most popular choice

The most popular choice of blind for bathroom windows is Roller blinds. All our bathroom roller blinds have been hand picked and recommended for use in bathrooms. The fabric properties include Teflon coated which prevents dirt and condensation from sticking to the fabric, moisture resistant for excessive condensation and splashes, or wipe clean to remove water from the surface of the blind. Blinds in fashionable bathroom colours without special fabric properties are also included to give you a full range of choice.

Osprey Duck Egg Roller Blind

A popular Roller Blind for bathrooms

An elegant blending of shades of turquoise with copious amounts of white has produced this delightful colour “duck egg” - it is a pale delicate colour, ideal if you want a softer mood in a room especially a bathroom or bedroom. More details on this popular bathroom roller blind here



Venetian Blinds - the best bathroom blinds for privacy & light control

A word of advice, wooden blinds should really be avoided in bathrooms if direct water contact is likely. However, in a well ventilated bathroom wooden blinds should be considered as an attractive and functional option. The natural look of the wood brings a rustic feel to the room, especially if matched up with existing wooden features or furniture. The tilt control allows you to control the light levels and, at the same time, gives the much needed privacy bathrooms require. Metal venetians are a great choice for bathroom blinds, they are made from aluminium so they are less prone to the effects of humidity and splashes. The supplied tilt wand allows you to control the level of natural light in the room while obstructing view from the outside in. With so many beautiful colours available we have put together a range of metal blinds which are currently very fashionable for bathrooms.

Electric Aqua Metal Venetian Blind

Venetian Blinds look great in the bathroom

This bright turquoise blind will bring a refreshing look to your bathroom especially as light reflects across the gloss finish of the slats. This popular venetian blind can be teamed with curtains as part of a dual window treatment or it can be used in isolation for a small bathroom window ... more information on this specific model here



Roman Blinds - add luxury to your bathroom

We said earlier that Roman blinds should be avoided in a small or poorly ventilated bathroom. If you're bathroom is particularly small, or suffers from poor ventilation then we would recommend a metal venetian or mould resistant roller blind. However, assuming your bathroom is well ventilated and does not suffer from condensation problems then Roman Blinds can really add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. The Roman blinds sold by PolesandBlinds are of the highest, handsewn quality. There is no gluing or bonding, it's all hand stitched to provide years of trouble free use. Please take a minute to browse our handpicked Roman Blinds here

A lovely Roman blind for the bathroom

Conway Sea Blue Roman Blind

This navy blue and white striped roman blind is infinitely adaptable suitable for use in a boy’s bedroom or to create a cool and relaxed ambience in a bathroom or living room. The navy stripe has the addition of a pale blue line and a thicker mid-blue stripe giving the merest lift to the stripe... for more information on this lovely Roman blind suitable for your bathroom, please click here