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Bedroom Blinds - Options & Ideas

The bedroom is a very special room in any house. It's should be a haven for relaxation and unwinding after a hard day at work. Not only should the colour and style of the blind enhance or match the décor of the room but the blind should also remain functional while giving an air comfort and relaxation. We recommend the use of either Roller Blind, Roman Blind or Wooden Venetian blind for the bedroom. We have listed just 3 of the most popular below, one of each style. You will find a wide range of blinds recommended for the bedroom here.

 Beautiful bedroom blinds enhance the decor of the bedroom


Roller Blinds - popular bedroom blinds

When used in conjunction with a stylish pair of curtains, a plain fabric roller blind will add warmth and depth to the overall interior décor, or use independently for a minimal, clean window finish. The dim-out and blackout fabric properties offered by roller blinds makes them on of the best blinds for bedrooms where keeping the room dark is a priority. Dim-out blinds allow a minimal amount of light through the fabric and blackout blinds completely block all light for a restful sleep day or night.

Within this section we have selected all roller blinds for bedroom with dim-out and blackout fabric properties in soothing colours and prints. We have a massive range of roller blinds all suitable for bedrooms the vast majority of them have the option of adding a blackout lining. Please browse our full range of made to measure Roller Blinds for the bedroom here

Maskel Eton Blue a calming Bedroom Roller Blind

This is just one example of a roller blind that is perfect for use in a bedroom. It features a distinct vibrant teal colouring has been used for this stylish roller blind which is the perfect colour palette to use as a bathroom or bedroom roller blind, the turquoise colouring being known to have a calming effect on the body and mind.

The pattern of the blind is a contemporary white floral print which mirrored by a dark chocolate brown overlay. This quality blind is also smart enough to be used as the main window treatment in a living room, the soothing colouring allowing for feelings of comfort and restfulness.



Roman Blinds - luxury in the bedroom

Roman blinds for bedrooms are fantastic as an alternative for hanging curtains, they provide privacy, warmth and with the blackout lining option available with every blind, an uninterrupted restful nights sleep is guaranteed. Your choice of blind is personal and we respect that very much, however, to help you along we have grouped our most popular Roman Blinds for bedrooms here
The rich fabrics used for our roman blinds are available in an assortment of embroidered, damask and printed patterns, with decorative beading available as a braid, as well as coloured control chains. In this section we have hand picked a range of roman blinds in soothing colours and prints which are ideally suited to bedrooms.

Peruvian Flame Roman Blind

This is a particular favourite Roman blind of our for use in the bedroom. The design detail on the very attractive roman blind has been created by an innovative method of manufacturing with the outline of the pattern finished in a velvet effect which is set on a mid cream woven fabric.The design makes this blind suitable for any modern home, but especially for bedrooms and living rooms.

An example of a Roman blind in the bedroom



Wooden Venetian Blinds - a huge range of colours

Wooden venetian blinds are available in a range of colours and slat widths to compliment bedroom interiors as well as remain functional. Wooden shutters are becoming increasingly popular in bedrooms, however they are expensive and very difficult to fit. The alternative is a wooden venetian blind which creates a similar rustic, warm, soothing feel, ideally suited to bedrooms.

This popular style of blinds are also easier to clean and allow for total light control but have no way of being able to completely block the sunlight from the room the same as roller and roman blinds would. Your choice of blinds for your bedroom is personal and we respect that, however, we have grouped our most popular Wooden Blinds for bedrooms here to give you some ideas.

Ecru Wooden Roman Blind - light control for your bedroom

Give your bedroom a stylish modern update with this easy to live with light wood effect Venetian blind. The wood effect colouring is on both sides of the blades making it equally attractive whether you are inside or out. This blind has all the easy clean, durable features as well as all the decorative benefits of a natural product.