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System 30 Accessories

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Make your own curtain track

Choose from a collection including standard (non-bendable) wall or ceiling fixing tracks as well as hand bendable tracks, all supplied as lengths of track only. The ceiling fix standard tracks have small pre-drilled holes allowing them to fixed directly to the ceiling for a tidy and flush fitting. The Hand bendable tracks have a nylon bendable insert in the profile allowing them to be fitted to the ceiling as well as the wall when used in conjunction with the wall fix brackets.

Choose your brackets

We offer a selection of wall fixing brackets for the System 30 range which includes the standard bracket which are the same as the brackets supplied with the curtain track sets.

The adjustable brackets are extendable which enable you to hang your curtains past protruding window obstacles like window handles or frames.

The double brackets allow you to create your own double tracks for multi layered curtains which provide a stylish and effective solution for daytime privacy.

Curtain track finials

Perfect for all styles of interior décor, we offer simple designs such as a standard cap or ball which are well suited to traditional designs as well as contemporary finials including the barrel and collar.

Additional accessories

Packs of gliders which are made from silicone injected plastic are available, as well as curtain stops which allow you to stop your curtains at any point on the track.

Track joiners for both the straight and bendable tracks are available. Due to their design, the gliders are able to pass the joins between the tracks offering the flexibility of hanging anything from 1 to multiple pairs of curtains.

We offer FREE colour samples delivered straight to your door and our friendly team of staff are on hand with any technical or design questions you may have.

Key points

  • Collection is made in England from colour powder coated aluminium.
  • Purchase as components only to make your own curtain track to best suit the individual requirements of your windows.
  • Choose from a selection of straight run or bendable tracks, brackets, finials and accessories.
  • System allows you join tracks together to create any length required.
  • Ideal for heavy weight curtains of up to 25kg.
  • Fast UK delivery of up to 3 working days.
  • FREE colour samples are available.