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35mm Metal Pole Sets

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Supplied as complete curtain pole kits

The featured Galleria curtain poles are all supplied complete and ready to hang your curtains. They include all finials (curtain pole ends), poles (supplied in 2 halves in lengths of 300cm (118 1/8”) and over). The heavy, solid brackets are wall fixing as well as the Galleria centre bracket which is included with curtain pole lengths of 300cm (118 1/8”) and over.

The supplied curtain rings have an extra smooth and quiet glide when pulling your curtains due to nylon lining in the inside edge of each ring.

The 35mm (1 3/8") diameter poles are thick enough to add a real presence to small as well as larger size windows. A thicker 50mm (2") diameter collection of Galleria curtain poles are also available. View Galleria 50mm Curtain Poles.

Styles for contemporary interiors

The most recent addition to the Galleria curtain poles collection includes the ribbed ball, orb, teardrop, caged spear, twisted cage and end cap.
As well as the poles, brackets and rings, these finials are made from steel. The end cap, ball and ribbed ball are a popular choice for more minimal styled interiors and the teardrop, caged spear and twisted cage are perfect for creating more of an impact to your window decor.

Curtain poles for traditional designs

The remaining collection feature more ornate designs including sparking glass mosaics and bright diamante jewels. The light beautifully catches or reflects off these finials for a stunning maximum visual impact with slight feminine tones perhaps best suited to living rooms and especially bedrooms.

Other designs include beads, metal studs and tinted or clear glass, all manufactured to deliver that extra ‘wow factor’ to your windows.