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Swish 28mm Elements

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Swish Elements Curtain Poles

The curtain poles from the collection are suitable for hanging all curtain styles including eyelet and tab tops, with weights of up 15kg and are supplied complete with all necessary amounts of curtain rings, wall fix brackets, finials, standard screw fixings and fitting instructions.

Swish Elements Bay Window Poles

Ideal for 3 sided bays, the Belgravia is supplied complete for hanging a pair of curtains drawing from the sides to the centre window unhindered using passing rings and passing brackets. The Belgravia is available to purchase either as a wall fix or ceiling fix pole kit for 400cm or below size bays (not suitable for eyelet or tab top curtains).

Swish Curtain Pole Accessories

The curtain rings supplied with the poles are also available to purchase separately in packs of 4. The standard curtain rings have an internal nylon lining to help provide a smooth and easy glide when operating your curtains.

The passing rings are the same as the rings supplied with the Belgravia Bay Pole which allow your curtains to glide over the Swish Passing Brackets.

The brackets are available as wall fix or ceiling fix, both are extendable and allow you to alter the projection of your pole from its fixing surface.

Recess brackets allow you to hang an Elements curtain pole in a gap between 2 walls, remove and discard the finials supplied with the poles.

Bend bay kits allow you to add a 'return' onto your Belgravia Bay Pole to bring your curtains back onto the surrounding walls next to your bay, or add an extra angle bend inside your bay.

Complete the look with the Swish Foldaway Holdback which hold your curtains away from the window opening to let in more natural light in the day while beautifully framing your windows.

  • Collection includes 28mm (1 1/8") diameter curtain pole sets, extra curtain rings, extra brackets and curtain holdbacks.
  • Available in 4 colours of satin silver, chrome, antique brass and graphite.
  • Extra strong poles and components, made from heavy gauge metal.
  • Poles can be cut down to length at home if required using a fine tooth saw.
  • Suitable for hanging curtain weights of up to 15kg.

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