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Curtain poles sold in lengths only without brackets

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Single Lengths may need Joiners

Lengths of curtain pole only are supplied in 1 piece in various sizes so longer lengths can be achieved by joining 2 together with an internal joiner which is usually sold separately. Please note, an extra bracket is always required when joining 2 poles to support the join. For that perfect fit, all rods can be trimmed to length at home using a fine tooth saw.

Just the Pole - Wood or Metal?

Pieces of curtain rod only are available in wood or metal with the coordinating components such as finials, brackets and curtain rings available to purchase if needed from the related items section of each product. Poles are available in a selection of colours, lengths and diameters ranging from 19mm (3/4") for light weight drapes and voiles, up to and including 50mm (2") for all heavy full length interlined curtains. We recommend a diameter of no less than 28mm (1 1/4") for all medium to heavy weights.

Our easy to use filter navigation allows you to search through our collection by diameters, curtain weights, prices, colours and brands. If you would like any free colour samples or extra help and advice, then please email or contact us by phone and a member of our team will be happy to help you.