Curtain Holdbacks

Types of Curtain Holdbacks

There are two main types of holdbacks - both of them hold the curtains away from the window opening, but in two different ways.

Ombre style

This style consists of a short piece of cylindrical metal or wood and projects horizontally from the wall. The front is often finished off with a disc which is often quite decorative or may reflect the design of the curtain pole finial. The disc is normally about 4" or 5" in diameter which ensures that the curtains are held fast behind the disc to keep the curtains in place. The Ombre holdback is fitted near the edge of the window recess which allows the curtains to be folded or dressed in a swag  behind the holdback, keeping the curtains well away from the window opening.

Embrace style

This version is also fitted near the edge of the window recess. The general design resembles a “U” shape. The curtain is neatly pleated and then placed into the Embrace Holdback which then retains the curtain and stops it from encroaching over the window opening.

Layered Window Treatments

This style of window treatment is very popular as it enables two different types of window coverings to hang simultaniously at the same window. The first layer is normally either sheer curtains or a blind. The second layer is normal the main curtains that are often dressed behind holdbacks when they are not in use.

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