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Wooden Curtain Poles

The Versatile Curtain Pole Option - Wood

The versatility of wood means it has many other uses in our home interiors and therefore lends itself for the colouring to be complimentary to other wooden design details in the room.

White Curtain Poles

Timelessly elegant and countlessly adaptable, white poles are the perfect and safe choice for many interiors. They blend naturally into many designs, can refresh your window area, and pair well with many curtain colours.

Light Oak Curtain Poles

Wooden poles in oak or pine colours are so easy to style. Classic pole colours such as light oak, aged oak, and antique pine can be easily paired with most of the curtain’s colours and will suit many traditional or contemporary window décors.

Dark Wood Curtain Poles

We have a massive range of dark wooden curtain poles in lots of gorgeous finishes like rosewood, dark oak, mahogany, chestnut, walnut. Add authentic touch and character to your windows coverings with these stunning colours.

Natural Wood Colour Stains

In our range of stained wooden curtain poles you will find a choice of wooden poles finished in natural wood stains. These poles have been treated in traditional wood stain colours to give the effect of different timbers. Please scroll down to browse our most popular wooden pole stains.

Painted and Special Finishes

This collection of painted & special finish curtain poles include colours such as white, black, silver, gold, gilt and many more. All these products are supplied as complete sets which include brackets, curtain rings, finials, fittings and fixing instructions. All information including delivery times and amounts of brackets and rings supplied with each length can be found on each individual product page.

Recommended Curtain Weights

Our poles are available in extra long lengths of up to 6 metres and in diameters ranging from 28mm (1 1/4") for lighter weight curtain fabrics and up to and including 65mm (2 9/16") for heavy curtains. For standard medium to heavy weights we recommend a diameter of 35mm (1 3/8") or above, all easy to fit and can be trimmed to length at home using a fine tooth saw.

Different Colours can make a Huge Impression

The same pole presented in different colours of wood stains and paint effects can make a huge difference to the impression a pole makes in a room. To highlight this phenomena we have arranged multiple images of the SAME popular wooden pole presented in different stains, tones and paint effects. It is clear from these photographs that choosing the style and colour of a pole is something that should be carefully considered. Are you looking for a lively, bright pole, something of a feature itself, or would you prefer a pole that fades in to the background, permitting the curtains to take centre stage.