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Metal & Plastic Curtain Tracks

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Metal & Plastic Curtain Tracks

This section displays our entire range of metal and plastic curtain tracks. Our clever filter navigation allows you to filter through our products to find the curtain track that’s best suited to your windows and curtains.

What’s the difference between Metal and Plastic Curtain Tracks?

Metal curtain tracks are manufactured from steel or aluminium and are available in a selection of colours including white, silver and brass. Many of the curtain tracks we sell for heavy weight curtains are metal but the plastic tracks are also very strong.

Plastic curtain tracks are made from PVC and are more flexible, however some of the metal tracks can also be bent by hand for bay windows.

What is Supplied with my Track?

 All curtain tracks are supplied complete with the necessary amounts of brackets and gliders for the length of curtain track you have chosen and many of the tracks are Teflon coated, ensuring a smooth, quiet glide when operating your curtains.
The gliders on some metal tracks are magnetic ensuring a snug join when the curtains are closed. Overlap arms are also supplied with many tracks to ensure the curtains close neatly together.

Types of Curtain Track

Metal curtain tracks are available in a variety of diameters and sizes, the discreet diameter curtain tracks are ideal for furnishing windows with limited space above the window. Extra long metal curtain tracks are available for hanging curtains over patio doors as well as extra large windows.

Corded tracks are a great idea for hanging curtains in tall windows where operating the curtains by hand could cause complications. This also helps keep your curtains clean as the curtains are open closed by cord rather than hand. 

Certain metal tracks can be bent by hand to match the contours of your window and are especially well suited to bay windows, however if you wish for a touch of decadence in your window curtain design then the addition of an electrical motorised track system will open and close your curtains at the flick of a switch.

Please remember if your unsure of which curtain track is best suited to your window or curtain dressing please call us on 0845 465 0101 and a member of our team will be happy to help you.