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How To Fit Bay Window Blinds

blinds for straight-sided bay windows

We sell several types of blinds, so we have produced a short help guide for each type. These guides will walk you through the process to ensure you fit your new blinds successfully and safely. In order to fit blinds properly in a bay window you will need to mark the position of the brackets at the top of the window frame or on the ceiling, by following the headrail projection guide below.

In this Guide:

Guide for Fitting Blinds in a Square Bay Window


position for blinds in a square bay window

bay window blinds measuring chart

Blind Headrail Projection

This chart is a general guide and whilst it applies to all the blinds for sale in our on-line store, it will not apply to all makes of blinds. If you have not purchased your blind from Poles & Blinds you will need to double-check the measurements of your particular blind against our chart.

Fitting CEILING Fix Blinds in a Bay Window


This set of instructions applies if you are fitting your blinds to the ceiling of the bay window

1. First double check our coloured measuring chart. This will give you the headrail projection of your particular style of blind.

2. Measure the depth of any protrusions in the bay such as window vents and handles and make a note on a piece of paper.

3. Now refer to our measuring chart and make a note of the headrail projection of your particular blind.

4. Add these two measurements together plus 1 cm for extra clearance.

5. This is the measurement you will need to use to mark from the window frame to the back of the blind fixing bracket.

6. This will now give you the fitting position for the first blind that is fitted to the centre window of the bay.

7. Now repeat these steps for the blinds that are to be fitted either side of the bay.


Fitting WALL Fix Blinds in a Bay Window


This set of instructions applies if you are fitting your blinds to the wall around the bay window

1. Generally, airvents, window handles, and other protrusions are set back from of the walls surrounding the bay windows and will not pose any problems.

2. It is important that you ensure that your blinds will clear any obstructions before you fit them. If this is not possible, then you will need to fit them to a batten, which will give you the extra space required.

3. If this is not feasible, you may well need to choose another style of blind ie. a roller blind with extension brackets.


Guide for fitting into a 3-sided or 5-sided Bay Window


fitting blinds in a splay bay window


fitting blinds in a 5 sided bay window

1. Make cardboard cut-outs to use as a guide for fitting your blinds

bay window templates

How to Create Your Cardboard Cut-out

1). First measure the largest of any of the window handles, air vents or other obstructions that the blind will need to clear when it is fitted into the bay and add an extra 1 cm for clearance. Make this measurement A.

2). Refer to the coloured HEAD RAIL CHART and make a note of the depth of the headrail of the particular blind you have chosen. Make this measurement B.

So for example, if you need to allow 3 cms for a particular window handle A. and you have chosen to fit a roller blind that has a headrail depth of 4.8cms B. then the total length of your template will be

A = 3cms + B = 4.8cms which gives a total length of card of 7.8cms.

You will need 2 of these cut-outs

2. Position Your Carboard Cut-outs

measuring templates for bays

1). Place the cut-outs in one of the angles of the window with the front tips touching.

2). Mark the point where the tips touch with a pencil.

3). Repeat this step at every angle of the bay.

4). These marks are the positions where you will fit your blinds.

If you are unsure of anything and need some expert advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Fitting Blinds - General Information and links to install blindsBack to top

We want you to get the perfect look in your bay windows by using our easy-to-follow guide to fitting blinds. For general instructions on how to fit your blind type click on the link boxes below.

You Will Need

Tools required for fitting blinds

1. A metal tape measure.

2. A pencil ( a pencil is better than a pen as you can remove the marks more easily) and paper.

3. A pair of steps

4. An electric drill or a cordless drill (preferably with a hammer option)

5. A screw driver

6. A spirit level. This is not essential but is helpful to check your track is being fitted level. Alternatively, you can always measure down from the ceiling or up from the floor or window sill to the holes as a double check, but this is not a guarantee as the ceiling may be slightly sloping. The most important thing is to make sure it visually looks right.

Now you are ready to install your blinds

Blinds Fitting Guides

These fitting guides are for standard straight windows, so you will need to check again with the coloured HEADRAIL CHART above to ensure your bay window blinds are fitted in the correct starting position away from the actual window.

roller blinds for bay windows