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How to Fit Wooden Blinds - VIDEO

Fitting Wooden Blinds

Video Guides from Poles&Blinds

We have spent many hours producing a set of short but hopefully useful videos with the aim of helping you to measure and fit your blinds. These are our How to Fit and Measure Wooden blinds videos. These videos have been made by us to ensure you measure and fit your new blinds easily and properly

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In this short video presentation, Angela Broughton, Director at Poles&Blinds, tells us how to fit wooden blinds. Please watch the video through and feel free to contact the team at Poles and Blinds if you still have any unanswered questions regarding the installation of your new blinds. Before buying your blinds online, please also watch our video on how to measure for wooden blinds to ensure your purchase is the perfect fit.

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Wooden venetian blinds can be fitted across the front of a window, this is known as an exact blind, or inside the window opening which is known as a recess blind. We have made it easy for you when buying your new blinds from us at Poles& Our online product builder will ask you to confirm whether "exact" or "recess". This short video guide shows you how to measure for wooden blinds and also the choices you may be asked to make when ordering your blind

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We hope you have found this video useful. If you would lile to browse our range of Venetian blinds available to buy online today, please follow these links