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Advice and Video Guides for Bay Window Poles, Tracks and Blinds

tips and avice for bay window treatments


In this section we included a general guide and advice, which we hope you will find helpful, for all the stages involved in fitting your chosen bay window treatment.

If you do require any further information, for instance if your bay window is an unusual shape, then please use the Live Help button or call our helpful team on the number provided.

Handy Hints : Measuring and Fitting Blind, Poles and Tracks


Measuring Tips

- Always use a metal tape measure as a fabric one may stretch.

- Write each measurement down when you are measuring, don’t try to remember them.

- It’s always good idea to double check by measuring twice and also to make sure they are all in the same measurement type. (inches, millimetres or centimetres)

- Use a step ladder or very stable chair so there is no need to over-reach when you are measuring.

- Check if your bay windows have any handles, air vents or tiles which need to be considered for the positioning of blinds or which require extended brackets to allow for curtains to pass without catching.

- Make a note of which side the window or door opens and also the position of any large pieces of furniture near the window, as you may well have to take this into account when choosing the type of -window treatment and where control cords will go.

- You do not make any adjustments to your measurements to allow for fittings or headrails, we will do this for you.

- When ordering blinds for your bay window, where you have an extra wide window sill, extending either side of your window recess, it may visually look better to match this with the width of the blind.

- For exact blackout blinds ensure you have included enough coverage either side of the window frame to avoid light seepage.


Fitting Tips

- Use a pencil to mark the bracket position so that you can remove any mistakes or marks when you have finished.

- Remove all ornaments and other objects from the window sill when you begin. Use a protective sheet over carpets and surrounding furniture to avoid damage from the dust created by the drilling.

- Carefully take the blind, pole or track and any fittings out of the box and set them out on a clear part of the floor, so they are readily to hand. The fittings are packed at the end of the box so make sure you you have definitely removed everything from the packaging before disposing of it. It is better not to open the box with a knife as you many damage the contents.

- If you have to drill through tiles, you will need a proper tile drill bit; which is specifically for that purpose and never use the drill on the hammer setting, as it will certainly crack the tiles.

- When you have finished drilling and fixing the brackets, vacuum up the dust, as it will prevent the curtains or blinds from becoming soiled when they are fitted.

- Always work in a safe position, especially if you are working from steps, remember most accidents occur in the home

- Do not hold on to any of the fitted brackets for support, they are not designed to take your weight.

- A second person to help you out is a good idea if you are working in a large or high window.

- Double check if you are unsure about the location of pipes or cables, you may need to use a detector.

- When fitting bay window curtain poles, remove the finials first if they are attached, to avoid any possibility of damaging them.



Video Guides for How To Fit Blinds

We have produced a selection of short videos on How to Fit our various types of blinds. If you follow these video guides for fitting blinds in bay windows, please double check the COLOURED CHART before you begin fitting you blinds as it will give you the depth of the headrail of the blind type you have chosen. This will need to be taken into consideration when deciding the fixing position of the blind. This is a general guide only and may not apply to your particular blind unless you have purchased it from our online store.


measuring chart for bay window blinds


We recommend viewing a video guide where available, about the specific type of bay window treatment you intend to use, as this will certainly help you later

The links on the right will take you to the video guide pages covering measuring, buying and fitting. Click your browser back button to return here.

If you are unsure about anything, please do give us a call or Click the Live Help Button and a member of our very experienced staff will be happy to advise you.

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