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Hints and Handy Tips about our Blinds

Tips, advice and tips to measuring and fitting Blinds

Some helpful tips to help you along

Here you will find all the information required for you to choose your window blind as well as detailed instructions on how to measure and fit your blinds.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for then please use the Live Help button to the right or call us on the number provided and one of the team will be happy to help you.

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Handy Hints : Measuring and Fitting Blinds

Measuring Tips

  • Use a metal tape measure as a cloth one may stretch.
  • Write the measurements down as you are measuring, don’t try to remember them.
  • It’s always good idea to double check your measurements and also to make sure they are all in the same measurement type. (inches, millimetres or centimetres)
  • Use a step ladder or very stable chair if you cannot reach to measure correctly.
  • Check if your windows or patio doors have any handles, air vents or tiles and measure from this point.
  • Make a note of which side the window or door opens and also the position of any large pieces of furniture near the window, as you may well have to take this into account when selecting the side you would like the controls the blind.
  • Please do not make any adjustments to your measurements for fittings or headrails, we will do this for you.
  • It may visually look better if you have an extra wide window sill to match with width of the sill with the width of the blind.
  • For exact blackout blinds ensure you have ample coverage either side of the window to avoid light seepage.


Fitting Tips

  • Mark the bracket position with a pencil as you can remove any mistakes or marks when you have finished.
  • Remove all the ornaments from the window sill. Place a protective sheet over the carpet and surrounding furniture as it might get damaged from the dust created by the drilling.
  • Carefully take the blind and the fittings out of the box and set the fittings out so they are readily to hand. The fittings are packed at the end of the box so make sure you do not throw them away with the box. It is better not to open the box with a knife as you many damage the blind inside.
  • If you have to drill through tiles, you will need a “Tile Drill Bit” which is specifically for that purpose and never use the drill on the hammer setting as it will certainly crack the tiles.
  • Once you have finished drilling and fixing the brackets, vacuum up the dust as it will prevent the blind from becoming soiled when it is fitted.
  • Always work in a safe position especially if you are working from steps by not over reaching.
  • Do not hold on to the fitted brackets of the blind for support.
  • It’s always helpful to have a second person to help you if you are fitting large blinds.
  • Check if you are unsure about the location of pipes or cables with a detector.


More Information on Blind Styles

Remember, at Poles and Blinds we sell several styles and types of blinds in literally hundreds of fabrics and designs. Please use the links below to view our other information pages on the various styles of blinds we sell online. Thank you.