8 tips on how to create a Modern Asian Interior Design

Asian - inspired interiors are designed to create an air of tranquillity and calmness. They draw ideas from various countries such as China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, each of which has its own distinct style. You can either adopt them individually or combine into your home design. Thus, the rich decor of these regions provides a multitude of options to choose from to create your Asian interior. Have a look at these inspirational ideas of how to make a modern Asian interior design. We also collected curtain poles in asian style for your window dressing.

1. Add Oriental Décor Pieces

Firstly, choose which design elements to incorporate into your space. This is a fundamental step for crafting Oriental-influenced interiors. From decorative fans and jade statues to mudra lamps and Ming dynasty tables, there is an endless variety of options. All of them reflect the culture of the various regions in Asia. The key here is to maintain a sense of balance with the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. Read one of our previous posts to know how to create Feng Shui style. Specifically, this ancient tradition creates tranquil living space by promoting harmony between the natural elements of earth, fire, water, metal, and wood. Try to naturally incorporate these elements through statement pieces such as statues, coffee tables and cabinets.

2. Incorporate Different Textures

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Moreover, oriental design often celebrates the combination of assorted textures such as glass, wood, satin and colourful textiles. Thus, integrate accents of lacquer and latticework into your space. In addition, pay attention to stylistic details such as oriental-inspired wooden curtain poles and black wood blinds. Bamboo blinds are another way to make a statement. They are a commonly used example of Asian-inspired window treatments. These features will lend an authentic quality to your theme.

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3. Use A Soothing Backdrop

Overall, with all the different textures and colours coming together, you risk to create an overwhelming effect. To avoid this, use neutral tones as your backdrop to help balance out the various elements in your design. Choose from soft greys, light blues and elegant beige shades. In fact, that would work well with the more vivid highlights in the room.

4. Mix Bold Colours

On the contrary, if your interiors have more muted background, display vivid colours such as red, saffron, gold, indigo and jade green. These are extremely popular in Oriental designs. In fact, the colour red is traditionally significant in Chinese culture and is a symbol of "good luck". In Vietnam, blue symbolizes hope, growth and calmness, whereas, in Japan, green is a symbol of vitality, eternity and youth. Do some deeper research into the symbolic meanings of various colours used in oriental culture. This will help to incorporate a good balance of their various energies into your living space.

5. Embrace The Fusion

Another interior design idea - mix oriental designs from various styles and cultures. However, understand the distinct differences between these styles before combining the elements. For instance, Japanese designs are minimalist and simple, whereas Chinese décor is full of rich colours and an air of opulence. In Thailand, elephants are considered to be sacred animals. Fittingly, they feature prominently in lavish Thai décor pieces. In any case, choose what works best for your home and don't be afraid to borrow inspiration from many cultures.

6. Asian-Themed Lighting

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any design theme. For a more oriental look, add paper lanterns, candles and sculptural lighting to your room to accentuate the Eastern influence. Handmade Japanese rice-paper lamps are a unique fixture to consider, especially if you prefer the more minimalist approach to décor. Natural light is even more important. Adopt an open-space layout and add features such as skylights.

"So you thought paper lanterns and lampshades were a thing of the past? Think again, they’re making a come-back but this time around they’re more intricate and pretty than ever before."

Jen Fletcher, Interior Stylyst, Squiffy Mill Interiors

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7. Put In Natural Materials

Rice paper, silk, bamboo, Tatami and rice straw mats are prevalent in Asian culture. Also, flowers such as the elegant orchid, which symbolizes wealth in ancient Japanese culture, are a favourite for oriental-themed décor. Another Japanese-inspired art form is Ikebana. Other oriental flower arrangements often incorporate plants such as the calla lily silk flower, the bamboo silk plant, the traditional Bonsai and the cherry blossom. Letting more nature into your home can be mood-lifting and will add to the Zen ambience that you might be going for.

8.Keep it minimalistic

Minimalist interior design celebrates using the bare essentials to create an open and uncluttered space. It revolves around simple, clean lines, and natural colours - the traditional features of the Japanese Interior. Surprisingly, it still looks incredibly modern.


In short, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding a source of inspiration for Oriental-styled interior design. Thus, we hope these interior design tips should help guide you to make sophisticated choices that create a perfect blend of oriental aesthetics.

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