How to Dress Bifold Doors Beautifully? Useful Ideas

Bifold and patio doors are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their modern style and many functional benefits. Firstly, they are an easy way to introduce more natural light, which wards off seasonal depression, improves your mood, and reduces the health risks associated with fluorescent lights. Secondly, bifold doors extend your living space and give you a great view of your backyard and garden.


However, due to their large size, bifold or patio doors can be challenging to dress, especially if you are on a budget. Plus, there are so many options to choose from! What curtain fabric? Curtain tracks, blinds, poles, double tracks or double curtain poles? Check out these ideas below and learn how to dress bifold doors. We hope they will help you decide which option is the best for your home.


1. Curtains & Curtain Poles

Curtains and Curtain Poles on a Bifold Door

Image by Project Goosepool (@projectgoosepool)


Speedy Nikola 28mm Metal Eyelet Curtain Pole

Speedy Nikola 28mm Metal Eyelet Curtain Pole of up to 4 meters, £54


So, poles or tracks? This is purely your preference, as they both are suitable for most of the bi-fold doors. Poles can be either wooden or metal. Long wooden poles tend to have bigger diameters (45mm or 55mm) to support the weight of the curtains. Metal poles' diameters start from 28mm. So, for heavy curtains of up to 14kg, go for either a metal pole of 35mm in diameter or a wooden pole of 45mm. Extra long curtain poles for bifold doors are available in a variety of designs and are an eye-catching design element that lies above the fabric of your curtain.


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What is the longest wooden pole for bifold doors?


One of the longest wooden poles on the market is from Rolls Modern Country Collection. These rods have lengths of up to 600 cm and are made from quality Koto hard wood. the wood is sourced from environmentally friendly FSC forests. The large 45mm or 55mm diameter poles are suitable for heavy curtains up to 15 or 18kg and are particularly well suited to large or long windows.


Rolls Modern Country Ball 45mm Wooden Curtain Pole

Rolls Modern Country Ball 45mm Wooden Curtain Pole of up to 600cm, £373.20




2. Curtains & Curtain Tracks

Curtains and Curtain Tracks on a Bifold Door

Image by IH Interiors Bristol (@ihinteriors)


The curtain tracks for bifold doors, however, are a more inconspicuous option that is fitted behind the curtain heading. For heavy curtains, we recommend metal curtain tracks. You can use plastic as well, but they need extra brackets for supporting heavy curtains. Curtain tracks allow you to easily draw large curtains in a simple fluid motion and can be extra-long for very wide doors.


What are the longest curtain tracks for bifold doors?


Cameron Fuller System 30 are one of the longest ready-made curtain tracks. The unique design of the System 30 allows the gliders to pass the joins between the tracks. This enables us to supply extra-long standard lengths of up to 900cm (354 1/8"). The collection includes both wall fix and ceiling fixing, as single and double curtain tracks to best suit all fitting requirements. The tracks are ideal for furnishing all curtain weights, including heavy of up to 25kg.


3. How to dress bifold doors with blinds?

Blinds on Bifold Doors

Image by Jen (@interior_escapes)

Blinds for bifold doors are a more contemporary option that complements the modern look. Furthermore, if the space on top is too small, blinds are an excellent option since fitting a curtain rail may be impractical. There is a wide variety of blinds to choose from including the popular roller blinds and Venetian blinds.


Roller blinds are installed in each individual section of the bifold doors so that the doors can be opened or closed independently of the blinds. Venetian blinds are similarly fitted but can offer more flexibility in terms of how much light you want to filter into your room while maintaining some amount of privacy. Electric blinds allow for easier operation, and sliding panel blinds are excellent for floor-to-ceiling bi-fold doors. Integrated blinds are usually Venetian or pleated blinds installed between double-glazed panes of a bifold door or other windows. These are a safer option, especially in homes with young children as there are no external cords due to the electronic control mechanism. They are, however, a more expensive option compared to other types of blinds.

4. Bifold doors: heavy curtains

Heavy curtains on bifold doors

Image by Liz | Interiors & Colour (@niceinnotts)

To minimize heat loss during winter months, you can line your bifold doors with a thermal lining. Likewise, you can use blackout lining in certain rooms such as lounges, where you can avoid the glare of sunlight during the day. Popular materials for heavy curtains include wool and cotton. If you prefer heavy curtains, we recommend choosing durable tracks, that can support extra heavy curtains. Like Cameron Fuller tracks that are suitable for hanging curtains of up to 25 kg.

5. Bifold doors: light curtains

Light curtains on bifold doors

Image by Claire Wainwright (@thegreeneyedgirl_)

Muslin curtains are very affordable and versatile lightweight curtains, while voiles are a more elegant option for bifold doors. Lighter curtains such as these would, however, mean more loss of heat and more sound getting in from outside the house.

long curtain pole for bifold doors

Cameron Fuller Barrel 32mm Metal Curtain Pole of up to 480cm, £234

6. Double Layered Curtains for Bifold Doors

If you worry about privacy, or cannot choose between light or heavy curtains, choose both and go for layered window treatments. Double curtain poles will help you with this. They can allow you to layer your doors with two pairs of curtains hanging simultaneously from the same fitting. Add matching holdbacks and it will create more cosy and classic touch to your interior. View beautiful selection of Poles and Blinds metal double curtain poles of up to 480cm.


Other Comparisons Between Curtains And Blinds

Curtains on bifold doors

Image by Gem | Our Keepers Cottage (@our_keepers_cottage)

Curtains have more versatility in terms of design prospects. In fact, you can find a wider variety of textures, colours, patterns, fabrics and styles of curtains. Blinds, on the other hand, are a bit more functional. On the plus side, blinds are easier to clean, more affordable and are more flexible for light control. Both curtains and blinds provide ample amounts of privacy. However, if you want extra privacy at night such that no one can tell from the outside when the inside lights are on, opt for thick blackout curtains. Blinds are also last longer than curtains since fabric curtains are more prone to staining, moulding and wear and tear.

6. Minimalistic bifold doors

Some people may opt for privacy glass instead of blinds or curtains. It's a modern and minimal look and can provide instant privacy using smart glass. The smart glass uses an electrical current to switch between being transparent and opaque, though it can have a milky appearance when it is switched to the transparent setting. It is also a much more expensive venture and can look too harsh and commercial for a residential setting. This type of instalment is more suitable for office or clinical settings.


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As you can see, a lot goes into choosing the right kind of dressing for your bifold doors. Whether you are partial to letting more light in or are more concerned with maintaining optimum levels of privacy, there are available options to suit your needs. Use these tips as a guide in your decisions to ensure that whatever you choose works best for your style and functional preferences. When in doubt, be sure to consult experts before making any purchases.

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