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Speedy Products

Speedy Products

With over 30 years experience of manufacturing quality and affordable window furnishing products, Speedy, a British company based just outside of Manchester are well known for their beautiful, practical and innovative products including metal and wooden curtain poles, curtain tracks, readymade blinds and window furnishing accessories.

Ethical and environmentally friendly

All labels and packaging are designed to be recycled and Speedy have recently stopped using self adhesive labels and plastic end caps and are close to ending the use of staples in all packaging.
The UK office has been renovated to significantly increase energy efficiency and the Chinese employees manufacturing the products travel to work on a fleet of over 50 electric bicycles.

Speedy metal curtain poles

View the full collection of Speedy metal curtain poles which are supplied as complete sets ready for fitting and include either standard extendable brackets or the stylish deluxe IDC extendable brackets. Both styles of supplied brackets are wall fixing and allow you to increase or reduce the distance of your curtain pole from the wall to suit your requirements.
These curtain poles are also supplied with the necessary quantities of curtain rings for your chosen length and each ring has nylon lining in the inside edge, providing a smoother and quieter glide when operating your curtains.
Choose from an extensive range with beautiful Speedy finials to complete the look for both traditional and contemporary window dressings.

Speedy eyelet curtain poles

Browse the entire collection of Speedy curtain poles designed specifically for hanging eyelet and tabtop curtains. With 4 colours to choose from and a large range of finials from the standard Ball to intricate glass designs, Speedy manufacture a large and diverse collection to suit all styles of interior design.
Usually the internal diameter of the curtain eyelets is around 40mm (1 9/16"), so poles with a 28mm (1 1/8") are perfect as the 10mm (3/8") gap allows enough room for the curtains to pull easily without them snagging on the pole. These poles exclude curtain rings as they are not required and include extendable brackets to cater for the 'S' shape wave in the eyelet curtain heading.

Wooden curtain poles

Speedy produce a fabulous range of 28mm (1 1/8") and 35mm (1 3/8") diameter wooden curtain poles in a selection of popular and on trend colours from light and dark natural stains to whites, creams and charcoals to coordinate well with traditional and contemporary interiors.
Speedy wooden curtain poles offer value for money with quality and are supplied complete and ready for fitting with all necessary components, fixing screws and fitting instructions included.

Mix and match poles for curtains

Mixing and matching between components for making your own curtain pole gives you the freedom to be totally creative between colours and finial designs, or build your own curtain rods to best suit your style of window.
From standard straights or bays to hanging curtains in a simple recess gap, Speedy manufacture a range of poles, rings, finials and brackets, all sold separately to cover any fitting eventuality.

3 & 5 sided bay window curtain poles

Speedy manufacture a collection of practical and stylish curtain poles for both 3 sided and 5 sided bay windows. Available in the 4 popular colours of satin silver, antique brass, chrome and polished graphite to coordinate with the rest of the Speedy standard curtain poles, the bay poles are all available in 1 size and can be cut down at home to fit your bay.
Supplied wall fixing passover brackets with the passover rings allow you to hang 1 or multiple curtains within your bay which can glide around the window from side to side unhindered.

Speedy curtain tracks

Strong, discreet and extremely versatile, Speedy manufacture our most popular curtain track - Speedy Fineline Curtain Track. Suitable for medium to heavy weight curtains, the Speedy Fineline can be wall or ceiling fitted and can be easily hand bent at home (forwards and backwards) to fit all shape windows from complicated bays to simple straights, curtains glide around the track completely unhindered.
Available as a double or single track, the double allows you to hang multiple pairs, or standard and voile curtains in the same window and are available in colours including white, silver and antique brass.

Readymade blinds

Speedy readymade roller blinds are available in a lovely collection of plain colours in multiple width sizes, all with a standard length drop. Choose from blackout fabric which blocks the transmission of light, ideal for bedrooms, or standard fabric which allows moderate light through the material, perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.
Stylish bottom edge shapes, including scalloped, eyelet or standard straights are available and all blinds come with a cord retainer for child safety.

Telescopic curtain poles

The Speedy collection of telescopic, or extendable curtain poles as they are otherwise known, are available in multiple lengths but will also extend or retract for a precise fit over your windows without the need for cutting down at home with a saw. This makes them an ideal choice for easy fitting and as cutting down is not required the curtain poles can be reused and fitted over another window, if and when you decide to relocate.

Supplied ready to fit, the Speedy extendable poles include all necessary quantities of curtain rings, brackets, finials, fixing screws and fitting instructions and the choice of finials and curtain pole colours makes them ideal for all styles of interior decor in all types of rooms.

Help and advice

If you would like any help or advice with which Speedy curtain poles, tracks or blinds are best suited to your requirements then please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help you.