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Speedy Bay Curtain Poles

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Speedy Nikola 28mm 5 Sided Bay Window Curtain Pole Chrome
£122.40 £155.00
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Speedy 3 sided bay poles

Supplied as a complete kit with a total length of 420cm (165 3/8") which can be cut down at home to fit your bay with a junior hacksaw if required. The bay poles include all necessary quantities of passing rings, passing brackets, double hinged corner joints, Nikola finials, fixing screws and fitting instructions.

Hook your curtains onto the passing rings supplied which glide over the passing bracket supports allowing you to hang a curtain or multiple curtains on the pole which pull from side to side around the window free from obstruction.

Suitable for both 'splayed' and 'right angled' shaped bays, the supplied corner joints are double hinged so your curtains can pull around the corners more easily, especially if you have a right angled bay window.

Speedy poles for 5 sided bays

The 5 sided bay poles have a total length of 475cm (187") which can also be trimmed down at home to fit your window and the kit includes the correct amounts of passing rings, passing brackets, single hinged corner joints, Nikola finials and standard fixing screws with rawl plugs.

Again, the curtains hook onto the passing rings which then allow a curtain (or multiple curtains) to pull all the way around the window (over the passing brackets) from side to side of the window.

The hinged corners fit between 2 poles which angle themselves into position to meet the contours of your window.

Extra coordinating accessories are available

The bay poles are supplied complete with the Nikola finials, however a large range of finials in both traditional and contemporary styles are available to coordinate with existing Speedy curtain poles.

Extra packs of passing rings, additional passing brackets (should you require additional support), pieces of pole only, matching curtain holdbacks and transparent curtain draw rods are all available to purchase separately.

Help and support with bay windows

Our team are on hand to help with any questions you may have regarding choosing the right curtain pole for your bay, please visit Contact Us page and a friendly customer service advisor will happy guide you.

To see more curtain poles and accessories from Speedy, visit Speedy Products page.