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Curtain Hooks

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Rufflette R5 Standard Curtain Hooks
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Curtains hooks are must-have window dressing accessories for curtains with pencil pleat or pinch pleat headings. Whether you have a pole or a track, you will need curtain hooks to attach curtains. However, curtains, pole or track sets usually do not include hooks, so you might need to buy them separately. Before attaching them, make sure you have the right number of hooks.

How Many Hooks Do I Need?

For hooking curtains with multi pocket heading tapes, attach hooks evenly throughout the length of the curtain. Normally, they should be spaced at 8 - 10cm intervals, or hook 1, miss 3 pockets, hook 1. Remember, large gaps between hooks will cause the curtain to droop between hooks and make for an unsightly hung curtain.

How to Use Curtain Hooks?

Commonly, the most pencil pleat curtains have 3 rows of pockets. It’s up to you to decide which row to use, but we generally recommend the middle row. Bear in mind that your choice can help to hide or reveal more of your pole or a track. Slide the hooks in upside down and then twist them.

What are the Curtain Hooks Types?

Curtain hooks are made from either plastic or metal.

1. Plastic Curtain Hooks

Plastic hooks are recommended for windows facing north. It is best not to use plastic curtain hooks in a sunny position as they may become brittle after long periods of exposure to UV light. These hooks are generally suitable for light or medium weight curtains including voiles and linen.

2. Metal Curtain Hooks

Our metal hooks are brass or zinc plated and are much stronger than plastic hooks for hanging curtains. Metal curtain hooks are very strong and can be used in direct sunlight. They are suitable for hanging heavy weight curtains. These products hook into the curtain heading tape, which can then attach the curtains to the curtain rings of the curtain pole or gliders of the curtain track. Some curtain headings such as pinch pleat and goblet require a special type of hook called curtain pin hooks which can be literally pinned into the curtain heading, allowing you to place the hook in the exact position you require.

Looking for Curtain Track Gliders?

The products in this category fit directly to the curtain. If you are looking for the sliders that fit inside the actual curtain track please visit our range of curtain track gliders here. We sell most common brands including the Speedy Fineline track gliders and the Swish Glide hooks for Aluglyde and Sologlyde - sold in packs of 10

Please remember - if you’re unclear of exactly what you need, give us a call on 01243 586660 and a member of our team will be happy to help you.