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Extra Long Curtain Poles

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Our clever navigation system allows you to find exactly what you're looking for quickly and easily by filtering through diameters, recommended curtain weights, price, colours and brands. The weight and thickness of your curtains should be taken into consideration when choosing a pole for extra wide windows where thicker diameters are recommended.

Metal Curtain Poles - extra long

Metal curtain poles are most practical for hanging in large windows as the strength of the metal has an advantage over the wood and are generally better suited to modern interiors. Maximum lengths normally vary depending on the manufacturer and diameter but usually consist of two long lengths joined together with an internal joining piece. The joining point then requires support with a supplied centre bracket.

For very wide windows and patio doors we have the Silent Gliss Metropole which looks like a curtain rod but works like a track, these are supplied in 1 piece lengths of up to 600cm (236 1/4"), lengths can be joined together for wider windows.

Wooden Curtain Poles - extra long

All extra long wooden pole sets come with a joining screw allowing two rods of the same length to be fixed together and supported with a supplied centre bracket. The maximum length is six metres, consisting of two 3 metre one piece lengths and see the Rolls Modern Country collection

Ideal for traditional styled interiors - long wooden poles are usually over 35mm (1 3/8") thick to cope with the increased weight due to the large span. This also enables the wooden pole to cope with heavier interlined curtains.

For long curtain tracks go to Extra Long Curtain Tracks page.