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Swish Ultraglyde Extendable Corded Metal Curtain Track Set (Wall or Ceiling Fix)



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Extendable Curtain Tracks and Rails

Extendable metal tracks are very DIY friendly, as there is no need to cut the track down to size you simply extend the curtain rail to the required length and fit, making extendable curtain rails ideal for students or first time house buyers on a budget, as the track can be taken down and fitted in another window when the time comes to move on.

Types of Extendable Curtain Rails

This type of track is usually cord operated, making opening and closing the curtains extremely easy and include a cross over arm to ensure the curtains close correctly without any gaps.

Extendable tracks with valance rails are also available as sets, allowing a pair of curtains and voiles to be hung in the same window.

Please remember if you require any extra help or advice regarding our extendable curtain tracks, please contact us on 0845 465 0101 and a member of our team will be happy to help you.