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Our guide to Metal Venetian Blinds

Everything you want to know about Metal Venetian Blinds


Privacy and Style

Metal Venetian Blinds have been one of our most popular blind styles for many years. Perfectly balanced between privacy protection and style. Dozens of colours and various slat widths available. 

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Our metal venetian blinds offer great value as well as a great choice of colour. They are both fashionable as well as functional, controlling the daylight levels and your privacy with an easily adjustable control.

The stunning range will make a great feature in any room from kitchens and bathrooms, to living rooms and bedrooms.

Slat Widths

  • There are 4 different slat widths of 15mm, 25mm 35mm and 50mm
  • Choose from, all of which look most attractive whether the blind is open or closed.

Raise and Lowering Controls

The controls are colour co-ordinated cords, with acorn weights, that hang from the metal head rail. Fitting can be to the left or right hand side of the blind. The cords operate the blind with a pull-down height adjustment and a pull across locking mechanism.


Stunning - Colour co-ordinated Living Room Blinds

Beautiful co-ordinating metal venetian blinds in a living room

Slat Tilt Controls

This is usually a plastic wand that is attached to the head rail.

String or Tape Ladder Controls

String controls are the traditional thin cord support and blind adjustment mechanism.

Blind Specification.

  • Exact or recess fitting
  • Ceiling or wall fixing
  • Raise and lower cord control location
  • Slat tilt control wand location

Privacy and Style - Venetian Blinds in Bedroom

<img style="max-width: 500px; max-height: 500px; display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" venetian="" blinds="" are="" perfect="" in="" a="" bedroom"="" src="" alt="Venetian Blinds are perfect in a bedroom" width="610" height="756">



More Information on Blind Styles

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