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Vertical Blinds Information Guide

Everything you need to know about Vertical Blinds

Blinds for Light Control & Privacy

Vertical blinds have the ability to create many ambiences in a room. For style, colour, texture and control over light and privacy they make an excellent choice.

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Made to Measure Vertical blinds can give an ultra-modern look and feel to any room. Ideal for large windows for instance patio doors, vertical blinds are formed from strips of stiffened fabric with gliders that allow opening and closing along with the rotation of the individual strips. Chain and weights at the bottom of the fabric slats help to guide and position the blind, which can be removed for cleaning or replacement. A great solution for dressing any window where full privacy and sun light can be controlled by tilting the vertical slats into position.

As with several styles of blinds we sell at Poles & Blinds, these blinds can be used in most rooms. They are possibly more popular in dinning rooms, hallways. home office rooms and large conservatories. Once fully drawn, your blinds give full access to any doorway that hides behind when closed.

Complimenting the Décor of the Dinning Room

perfect blinds for a dining room

Blind Slats Sizes

  • Two slat widths are available: 89mm or 127mm.

Opening and Closing Controls

  • The operation of vertical blinds is with a pull cord control with the option of opening half to the left and half to the right (like a pair of curtains) or stacking to the side according to personal choice.

Slat Tilt Controls

  • A separate sidewinder mechanism controls the rotation of the slats to alter the light levels in the room.

Special Properties

Our filter navigation allows you to select the vertical blinds with the properties listed below:

  • Flame Retardant
  • Washable at 40 degrees
  • Dim-out
  • Blackout
  • Light reflective
  • Moisture resistant
  • Teflon Coated
  • Glare reduction

Luxurious Blinds Enhancing this Hallway

Luxury Blinds in a hallway


  • Exact or recess fitting
  • Ceiling or wall fixing
  • Control location left or right (the opening and closing controls and louver tilt controls have to be on the same side)
  • Slat stacking location left, right or split


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More Information on Blind Styles

Remember, at Poles & Blinds we sell several styles and types of blinds in literally hundreds of fabrics and designs. Please use the links below to view our other information pages on the various styles of blinds we sell online. Thank you.